Automate your prospecting on Instagram, LinkedIn...

Since 2020, our in-house technology, piloted by our team of secret agents, has enabled over 2,000 of our customers to target and interact with REAL & QUALIFIED future subscribers...

And maybe turn them into customers in the next few weeks?

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100% secure, 100% humanized, 100% efficient


Tired of wasting time mass-following, mass-like and mass-DM on Instagram in the bathroom?

Tired of taking your interns for slaves by asking them to copy/paste on Linkedin all day long?

Tired of watching your competitors generate growth
even when they're asleep?

Testimony of Camille, CEO of @my_orientation_

In short, My name is Bond is...

1 Virtual Agent

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At our service.

1 Human

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1 Account Manager to manage your campaign on a day-to-day basis, in particular to ensure that the strategy is running smoothly.

1 Monthly Report

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Reporting on actions implemented,
as well as associated results (followers gained, leads generated, overall company growth, etc.).

1 Dedicated Team


Behind My name is Bond are 100 aines of agents, on the ground to understand and master the algorithms to better dominate them.

Your mission

if you accept it...

1. Tell us your problem (prospecting, brand awareness...)
2. Select the social networks you want to use to grow
3. Fill in our mission framework form (target market, ideal prospect...)
3. Our agents come back to you with a detailed proposal (types of bots, number of bots, which social networks will work for you...)
4. All you have to do is validate and wait for your weekly performance reports!

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They trust us

to My name is Bond?

1. Cheaper than a trainee
2. Market knowledge of the limits of possible actions on each network
3. Anonymity of our clients always well guarded
4. Discreet automation, which resembles the actions of humans
5. Our priority: the security of your social media accounts
6. A team of social network & prospecting enthusiasts, who recommend the best messages, according to the codes of each social network

An automation agency


My name is Bond is the 1st agency to automate prospecting on social networks.

  • Agency, because all our virtual robots are operated 24 hours a day by humans.
  • Automation, because we believe that some jobs in the future should be done by robots, not by humans doing repetitive, boring tasks.

So that's what an automation agency is: virtual robots driven by humans (we call them secret agents ;))

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Our various secret operations
piloted by humans

Secret agent


Automate the Mass-Like, Mass-Follow/Unfollow &
Mass-View Story!

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Secret agent


Automate your targeted prospecting

Read more

Secret agent


Automate the Mass
Follow & Unfollow

Read more

Mass Like Stories


Achieve between 5,000 and 25,000 likes and story views per day

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Secret agent


Automate the Mass-Follow & Unfollow

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Brand image


Gain between 400 and 800 followers from your country
every month

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Army of fans


Give yourself an army of Fans who recommend you to other targeted users

Read more

Army of Sales


Surround yourself with an automated sales team on LinkedIn

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Icon of telegram

Mass DM


targeted communities in seconds

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Mass DM


Automate your interactions with your community to increase engagement

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Mass DM


targeted communities in seconds

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Who do our secret services work for?
Business man
Frequently asked questions
bridge background

Are the followers I will gain real?

Yes, we are 100% convinced that a successful account is an account with a high engagement rate. That's why we are looking for new
targets for our clients with qualified audiences.

Who manages my account? A robot or a human?

Both! Located in Paris, our agency offers you a tailor-made service for your account. A software performs the actions on Instagram and a human monitors your account every day to optimize the robot's performance.

Can I leave my subscription at any time?

We offer a number of different packages, with or without commitment. Without commitment, you can cancel at any time. All subscriptions are automatically renewed, so that you can enjoy our services in complete freedom ☺️

How many robots are included in my subscription?

Each subscription corresponds to the management of an account. Benefit from a personalized price by subscribing to several robots at the same time (for several accounts, or different social networks)

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So, are you joining us?

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My Name is Bond @ 2024