Top 5 tools for marketing automation on Instagram

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Over the past few years, marketing automation has gained significant momentum. This is partly due to software that automates tedious marketing tasks. These tools are available at affordable prices. It would be a shame to miss such an opportunity. With marketing automation applications, you can automate certain tasks. You will have more time to spend on value-added tasks. Here is an overview of the best tools to use on Instagram.

5 Instagram automation tools

1. Hootsuite

Despite its simplicity, Hootsuite is a powerful tool for social media automation. It allows you to schedule posts in advance. The content can be published on different platforms. This tool offers you the possibility to manage different social media with a single dashboard. Through this dashboard, you can manage all your accounts easily. 

No matter what activities are taking place on your social networks, you get real-time updates. You will get the information you need when your brand is mentioned. It is a way to understand the needs of your consumers and to anticipate possible crises. With the analytics section, you'll know when it's time to publish content or view detailed reports. Hootsuite is offered at an attractive price. The tool has a short free trial period.

 Do you only have a small team of marketers? With Hootsuite, you have a major advantage. It allows you to plan, manage and report on social media content quickly.

2. SharpSpring

This tool allows you to take advantage of many powerful features dedicated to lead generation and marketing campaign management. SharpSpring is a software tool with behavioural-based marketing automation features. It allows you to target specific demographics of prospects based on their actions.

If, for example, a potential customer is interested in one of your publications on social networks (comments, likes, mentions your brand), SharpSpring will be very useful. This software will inform you. It can take action according to the specifications you set. 

As SharpSpring is a versatile tool, it can connect to different social networks. It can be used to schedule or publish multiple posts at the right time. This will allow you to get more engagement. With this tool, you will be able to manage your feeds directly with the social listening feature. It can be customized to show feeds and updates at the same time. SharpSpring's content calendar can be extended to all your campaigns. This way, you will have an overview of everything.

To see the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, you can simply refer to the reports. The analytical tools will allow you to see the metrics and evaluate the corresponding numbers.

3. Upleap

It is a tool that offers a quality service. To ensure that this tool works properly, the company hires social media marketing specialists. These professionals monitor your account and automate activities for you. So Upleap is not a bot. Rather, it is associated with a management service. 

As Upleap is not scripted, you do not run the risk of being banned from Instagram. You won't run the risk of leaving inappropriate comments and subscribing to other profiles for only a few days. Compared to Instagram bots, it is a bit expensive. But considering the security it offers and its advantages, it's an interesting ally. 

4. Jarvee

It is one of the most used bots for social network management. With this tool, you will have the possibility to automate several social networks like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Jarvee allows you to make optimal settings for your Instagram bot.

You can act on : 

  • Robot activity times ; 
  • The hours of robot activity ;
  • The maximum or minimum number of people to be monitored per day; 
  • The time allowed between each action.

When you make the right settings, the bot will act as if a human was managing the account's activities. You should avoid running a bot at 4am to track hundreds of pages. As this process is not natural, the account risks being qualified as spam.

5. My name is Bond

My name is Bond is the agency for you if you don't want to manage the automation of your Instagram account. 

No more wasted hours trying to understand the tool and the algorithm. Our teams take care of everything for you! 

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By having access to powerful tools, you will be able to focus on more important tasks. Some marketing automation tools offer great opportunities. They can automate various tasks. Choose a tool that can help you achieve your marketing goal. If you are not sure which tool to choose, you can rely on My Name Is Bond.

So, are you joining us?

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