How do you create a professional account on Instagram?

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Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. It allows users to share photos, videos and posts with their community. If you want to create an Instagram account for your business or personal use, you can do so in a few simple steps using your email address or Facebook account. Once you create your account, you can customize your profile, add visual media, and follow other users to see their content. You can also receive notifications to stay up to date with the latest activity on the platform. The Instagram app is available for free download on Google Play for Android devices and on Apple store for Apple devices. If you are new to Instagram, there are many tutorials online to help you understand the different features and use them to their full potential.

How do you create a professional account on Instagram?

Step-by-step guide to creating a professional account on Instagram

Differences between a personal account and a business account

There are several advantages to using a professional account rather than a personal account on Instagram:

  • Email address: a professional Instagram account allows you to connect a professional email address, which is more suitable for receiving messages from clients or business partners ;
  • Page: professional Instagram accounts are associated with a business page rather than a personal page, which allows the company's products or services to be better showcased ;
  • Photo: professional Instagram accounts can include photos of products or services, which is useful for promoting the business ;
  • Profile: professional Instagram accounts allow you to personalize your business identity with information such as business address, hours of operation, services offered, etc. ;
  • Followers: professional Instagram accounts help attract followers relevant to the business, such as potential customers, business partners and influencers ;
  • Global: Professional Instagram accounts allow you to reach a global audience, which can be useful for businesses looking to expand internationally;
  • User: Instagram business accounts make it easier for users to find and interact with the business;
  • News: Professional Instagram accounts can post business-related news, such as new product announcements, events, promotions, etc. ;
  • Children: professional Instagram accounts can be set to not post inappropriate content for children, which can be important for businesses that sell products for children;
  • Creation: professional Instagram accounts offer different ways to promote the business, such as Instagram ads, Instagram stories, Instagram events, etc. ;
  • Information: Business accounts allow you to collect data about potential customers, such as their age, location, interests, etc. ;
  • Group: Business accounts can be managed by several people, which allows the company to work as a group to promote and develop the business;
  • Summary: Instagram business accounts make it easy to track business stats like followers, impressions, engagement rate, etc. ;
  • Types: there are different types of Instagram business accounts, such as business accounts, creator accounts, and store accounts, which offer specific features to meet the needs of businesses.

Create a professional Instagram account

  1. On your PC or smartphone, open your browser and go to the Instagram sign-up page ;
  2. Choose the option " Registration with an email address or a phone number ";
  3. Enter your email address and create a secure password;
  4. Fill in the required elements for your professional identity, including your name, username and photo;
  5. Link your Instagram account to other social networks such as Facebook for easy account management;
  6. Add information about your company, including description, website and contact details;
  7. Select the type of business account for your company:
  • Business account: this type of account is ideal for businesses that want access to Instagram's business features, such as posting statistics and Instagram ads. It also allows you to link your account to a Facebook page;
  • Creative account: this type of account is for influencers, artists and content creators looking to promote their work on Instagram. It offers additional features such as the ability to manage the brands you work with and add links to your online store ;
  • Enterprise Account: This type of account is designed for large companies with multiple employees. It allows companies to give multiple users access to manage the account and offers additional features such as integration with third-party marketing tools;
  1. Add content to your profile: to effectively promote your company on Instagram, it's important to regularly add content to your submission, including photos and videos that are relevant. The goal of this step is to create interesting content for your audience and increase engagement with your community;
  2. Use features to promote your business and interact with your audience , such as stories and jabs ;
  3. Use the analytics to track your account's performance and adjust your marketing strategy on Instagram accordingly.
Professional Instagram account
Ads are an effective way to promote your company on the platform

How can you use Instagram's business features to promote your business?

L'brand image on Instagram is one of the most important elements for a business to create a positive impression with customers and stand out from the competition. On Instagram, a popular visual sharing platform, branding is crucial to attract and retain followers. To take care of your branding, here are some tips:

  1. create a consistent profile;
  2. define your tone and style;
  3. use high quality images;
  4. use relevant hashtags;
  5. interact with your subscribers.

Instagram ads

Ads are an effective way to promote your firm on the platform. You can create ads that appear in users' news feed, in stories, or in the Explore tab. Ads can be targeted based on various criteria such as age, gender, location, and user interests. To create ads, you can use Instagram's built-in ad tool or go through an ad agency.

Instagram stories

Stories are ephemeral posts that appear at the top of users' News Feed. You can use stories to promote your organization by sharing promotions, special offers, new product previews, customer testimonials, events or other relevant content. Stories can also be enhanced with features such as stickers, GIFs and polls to encourage user engagement.

Instagram hashtags

Hashtags are an effective way to promote your business on the platform. Hashtags are keywords preceded by the "#" symbol that allow you to group posts together based on similar topics. You can use relevant hashtags to reach a wider audience and encourage user engagement.

Instagram direct messages

Instagram direct messages can be used to communicate directly with your potential or existing customers. You can use direct messages to answer customer questions, offer personalized customer service, or promote your products or services in a more direct way. Direct messages can also be used to forge partnerships with other businesses or influencers relevant to your company.

The action buttons

Instagram action buttons are an effective way to encourage users to take specific actions, such as " Book ", " Buy ", " Sign Up " or " Contact ". Action buttons are displayed below the bio of your Instagram presentation and can be customized to suit your purpose.

Instagram events

If your business holds events such as exclusive sales, product launches, demonstrations, workshops or conferences, you can use Instagram events to promote them. Instagram events are special posts that allow users to register or book tickets directly from the platform.

Company on Instagram
Ads in a story can be used to promote your company in a more immersive way

Ads in Instagram stories

In addition to traditional Instagram ads, you can also create ads that appear in Instagram stories. Ads in a story can be used to promote your company in a more immersive way, using visual recordings, images and animations.

Instagram videos

They can be used to promote your organization in creative ways. You can create ones that showcase your products or services, showcase your business behind the scenes, share customer testimonials or are simply entertaining and engaging.

Instagram filters

Instagram filters are special effects that users can add to their clips or snapshots. You can create custom Instagram filters for your company that reflect your brand and are usable by users. Instagram filters can be used to promote your establishment by encouraging users to share posts with your filter.

In short, social networks have become a must for keeping in touch with our friends and community, sharing photos, videos, news and interesting articles. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram also allow you to add contact info such as your phone number to stay in touch with friends and schedule appointments. Whether you want to share moments from your life, read interesting articles or watch funny videos, social networks are there to satisfy all your desires. Remember that the quality of your posts, photos, videos and information is essential to create a positive and interesting image on social networks.

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