How to manage your e-reputation on Instagram?

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Instagram is one of the biggest social networks in the world, if not the biggest. For businesses, gaining a reputation on Instagram is like winning big because influencer marketing is exceptional on this platform. When your account becomes successful, you need to know how to manage it. But how do you do that?

E-reputation Instagram

Creating quality content

Content is king on the web, even on Instagram. For it to influence your community and become a sales lever, it must be of high quality. Quality means : 

  • to beautiful, professional photos, sharp and representative enough, but also intriguing enough to arouse curiosity: the technical quality should catch the eye if the details (or the background) are to attract curiosity;
  • content optimised for social networks: by integrating branding content, following the rules of natural referencing or the SMO, SMA or SMM mode; 
  • to standard content: to reach a maximum number of people and expand your audience at the same time. 

So what content should you focus on? Posts with impactful hashtags, stories and videos. So, on Instagram, you should use more photos than blog posts. And if videos work quite well, stories are more popular. You should still know that a reputation is based on a single wrong word or a badly edited photo. Every detail counts, so it's best to be careful. 

By creating quality content too, you maintain your brand image. Your followers should always recognize your imprint, whatever the type of publication, for example. You should keep to your habits in terms of the way you speak or a given frequency of dissemination. By being regular, you demonstrate your professionalism. But only if the content is also professional. Then there's the matter of personalized messages, polished e-mails, etc. 

Use the right hashtags

Hashtags are the trademark of Instagram. For a company, they must be of high quality. This means that only words or phrases that have an impact will be published. They must be easy to capture. They must represent many things, especially the message you want to send. They should still remind and reflect your company. This could be your logo, for example, or an engaging word.

Also, by using the right hashtags, you're on your way to your goal. You can reach more people and impact many other communities. This is the case if you launch an ecological hashtag, against deforestation, or a social hashtag, against domestic violence, or even a health hashtag, for vaccination. Doesn't that make a lot of marketing sense? Maybe not. But it will increase your visibility and enhance your online reputation. And that's how it's managed. 

You can also get involved in causes that are meaningful to people. Be aware that some keywords have a lot of marketing effect because they are highly searched. By putting them in hashtag mode, you increase your chances of gaining the first line of search engines when these words are searched. This is another benefit of good hashtags. The same goes for choosing a caption for a photo or video.

In the same way, you will be even more visible on Instagram. This is perfect for your reputation because you will be the solution that the user expects. You manage your e-reputation well when you know how to handle words intelligently so that you are easily spotted on Instagram and on the web. 

Being close to your community

Responsiveness is the secret to staying close to your community on Instagram. This means that you should react to the pages you are subscribed to, to your followers and to their comments. You should also be responsive to inboxes or private messages especially if you are selling a product or service. Even if you have hundreds of millions of followers, you should still be very responsive. 

Why does being close to your community matter so much? It's simple: your community is the heart of your business on Instagram. It's what makes your professional profile stand out from the competition. It ensures your visibility on the social network and on the Internet. It's the real guarantee of your e-reputation and notoriety. If it's damaged, so is your image. In the event of suspension, find out how to unban your account.

This is why many companies choose marketing automation tools and integrate supporting digital communication strategies. Some use social media bots. Others recruit excellent social media managers and community managers while using bots. Indeed, you have to animate your community, moderate it, answer its questions quickly, exchange with members, be regular in your publications, etc. 

Your community also needs to be showcased. Don't hesitate to leave a "user reviews" page even on Instagram, as this shows your efforts to improve. You prove that you are not afraid of feedback and that the opinions of your customers are important. This is because your customers also have their say. 

A web agency can assist you in managing your e-reputation on Instagram. My Name is Bond even volunteers because you deserve professional help. This way you can ensure continuous visibility on the web and a good reputation. It's also a great way to enhance your online presence. 

So, are you joining us?

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