How to gain visibility on Instagram?

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With over 800 million members, Instagram is one of the most widely used social networks in the world. According to figures, around 21 million people use it on a daily basis. This is a boon for big brands and companies looking for new customers. Based on the sharing of photo and video content, it is the best way to encourage followers to visit your online shop or to retain existing customers. So how do you increase your visibility to keep your business on track and get more followers?

Instagram: How to gain visibility?

Post quality photos

On Instagram, there is no secret to boosting your visibility. As this social network is all about sharing photos and videos, the first way to do this is to improve the quality of these. Indeed, the better and more unique they are, the more the community will be curious to know more about you, your brand and your products. It is clear that the most appreciated contents are those that catch the eye and are catchy. Moreover, they are the most commented on and even shared. 

To increase your visibility, play on colours and tones to give a harmonious whole to all your photos. As some companies are aware of the importance of quality photos, they do not hesitate to use the services of a professional. If you don't have the means, there are software and applications that will give you a professional look on your photos. Here are some examples:

  • Mobile photo editing software: Aviary, Lightroom and Canva
  • The most used filters: Clarendo and Valencia 
  • Application for a well-framed photo, for a good shot: VSCO CAM

Posting coherent stories

Indeed, it is not only on the quality of the photos that you must bet, because the publication of coherent stories also ensures a preponderance of your visibility. And this even if it is not taken into account by the Instagram algorithm. Which may lead some people to ask why continue. Quite simply, because with an average of 500 million users per day, it's impossible to pass up posting some of Instagram's most famous content.

In contrast to photos, your subscribers will be kept informed of your news and will even be led to look at them more closely because you are placed at the top of their news feeds. This remains an asset in their conversion and loyalty. For stories, avoid monotony by publishing only texts or photos. Put yourself in the audience's shoes and ask yourself what they would like to know. For example, post a beautiful photo with a captivating text that hooks your followers. A beautiful photo that is empty of meaning is useless.

Focus on video

At the moment, the success of mobile video is not comparable to that of photos. But this trend is predicted to reverse by next year, as it will account for more than 80% of traffic on Instagram. Unlike photos and stories, video is comprehensive and allows for faster communication in one go. It's great for grabbing attention and catching the eyes of your community followers. 

In short, it is the ideal way to retain your subscribers for as long as possible and interact with them. Nevertheless, make sure you take care of all the details so that they don't lose interest in the first few seconds. Image quality, framing and sound should be perfect, because remember, the goal is for the subscriber to watch your video until the end. If you want to post longer videos, consider the IGTV feature at the top of your page. 

Leveraging Instagram lives

Similar to stories, live videos are not taken into account by the Instagram algorithm. However, keep in mind that the notifications they generate are at the top of your followers' lists. The reason why live videos are so popular is that the content is simple, but of high quality. The result of spontaneous inspiration, they are often natural, fluid and relaxed. This does not mean that they are not polished. 

In fact, it can be observed that the latter have a higher audience rate than professional videos that take time to prepare. The more interesting your lives are, the more they will be appreciated. And when one or more subscribers like it, they will not hesitate to identify their friends and mention their names in the comments. This is a powerful lever to increase visibility. 

Captions and descriptions that encourage subscribers to react

In order to appear on your followers' news feeds, rely on comments and reactions. Indeed, Instagram's algorithm takes engagement into account. Therefore, it is important to encourage your followers to interact as much as possible. To do this, create content that makes them want to communicate with you instantly. Don't hesitate to ask questions or invite discussion. In fact, make suggestions that get them to speak up and give their opinions. 

And the more they tag their friends, the more people will see you. This will increase your visibility. As this example shows, it's not how often you post, but how well you post. So post better instead of posting all the time. 

Increasing your visibility on Instagram is not difficult as long as you master these parameters. Posting quality photos and videos, attractive stories and interesting lives are the basics. My name is Bond and its team can help you in these steps if needed.

So, are you joining us?

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