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Instagram notes can be a powerful tool for businesses looking to communicate and engage with their audience. It only takes 60 characters or less to create a note, which means you can create it in seconds without having to spend time planning it. By trying out new features early, you can stand out from the competition and see if it makes a difference for your brand.

Instagram notes

We're all familiar with how often Instagram introduces new features and tools to the platform. From Stories to Real to Paid Partnership tags to Remix, a lot has changed over the past few years. Some of these features have helped improve the user experience, while others have allowed brands to improve their marketing on the platform. Today, Instagram surprised users with a new feature called "Notes," giving you a new way to connect with your audience.

So, what are Instagram Notes and what's the purpose behind them? What's more, why should brands or designers use them? Let's find out in this guide.

What are Instagram Notes?

Instagram Notes are virtual notes you can share in the Messages tab, right above your direct messages. Think of them as Stories for your inbox. The Note will only be visible to your friends (people you follow) or your "Close Friends" list, depending on who you decide to share it with. People who can see the Note can also reply to it, and those replies will land in your direct messages. This way, you can immediately start a new conversation related to the topic of your Note. Notes can be up to 60 characters long and can be written using text and emojis. Like Stories, they will be available for 24 hours, after which they will automatically disappear. The main difference is that you can only publish one Note during those 24 hours, while you can have multiple Stories at the same time. If you want to publish another note, the previous one will be automatically deleted.

Another difference is that the Note can only include text and emojis. No media such as images or videos can be included.

Instagram Notes offer a new way for brands and creators to engage with a small group of people. This can be an effective way to boost interaction among an exclusive group of fans or followers. This is of course complementary to our secret agent instagram.

Why you should use Instagram notes?

You may be wondering if Instagram notes really matter. You already have a strong set of Instagram stories and you get great engagement, so what's the big fuss about notes? Especially since you can't post photos and videos.

The unique nature of Instagram notes makes them a new and refreshing way to interact with your audience. Here are some of the benefits you can get from Instagram notes.

1 - Share exclusive and limited time offers

Because Notes are only accessible for 24 hours, they are ideal for sharing time-sensitive updates. Whether it's for a flash sale, a last minute reminder or an update.

2 - Strengthen your relationship with your audience

When someone responds to your note, the conversation is automatically redirected to the DMs. For example, if someone has a question about your return policy on discounted items and they respond to your note promoting that product, you can answer their question and even share a link to your FAQ page with additional information about the return policy for discounted items.

3 - Improve your visibility

Notes are placed prominently in your inbox, above all direct messages. This makes them much harder to miss.

4 - Keep your conversations up to date

Notes give you the opportunity to start conversations that are topical and that generate engagement. You can share information on a topic relevant to your niche.

5 - Share exclusive and limited time offers

Since these notes are only visible to the people you follow in return, it's the perfect way to share offers that you want to keep exclusive. For example, you can post an offer for influencers you follow who want to participate in an upcoming brand partnership.

6 - Get valuable feedback

All designers and businesses need feedback to understand how to improve. Post a note asking people to share their thoughts or ideas on a specific topic.

How to create Instagram notes

Ready to post your first note on Instagram? It's really easy to create Instagram notes. Just follow the steps below.

1 - Open your Instagram app and go to your inbox by tapping on the icon at the top right of the app. From here, you'll be able to see the notes your friends have shared with you and other friends.

2 - In the left corner, you will see your profile picture. Press the window just above it that says "Share a thought for your friends to see here..." This will open the note window.

3 - Type your message. It can be up to 60 characters long. You can also include emojis to make the note more visible.

4 - Once you have written the message, choose who you want to share it with. You can either share it with your friends (the subscribers you follow) or with your "Close Friends" list.

5 - Press "Share" and that's it. Your friends can now see the note in their inbox, along with other friends' notes. To reply or react to the note, they can simply tap on it and a message window will open at the bottom of the screen. Their response will then go into your direct messages, where you can continue the conversation with them.

Should you use Instagram Notes for your business?

You've seen how Instagram Notes work and how brands and creators can benefit from them. Now you're trying to decide if this is something your business should consider. Our suggestion? What's the point of not trying it?

Brands should always be experimenting with new ways to communicate and interact with their audience. Instagram Notes offer exactly that opportunity, especially since it doesn't require much time or effort. It only takes 60 characters (or less) to create a Note, which means you could create a new Note in seconds. In short, it also means that you won't really need to spend time planning what you'll post.

In addition, trying out new features early can give you an edge, allowing you to get ahead of the competition. This way, you stay competitive and have a better chance of standing out in the market.

After you've tried it for a few weeks, you can see for yourself whether it has an impact on your brand. This will then help you decide whether it's something you should continue to invest in.

So, are you joining us?

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