How to prospect on Instagram?

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Finding customers on Instagram is commonplace these days. You still need to do your prospecting well, especially if you are targeting professionals. But even if you are targeting individuals, you should follow the basic rules of prospecting on Instagram. It starts with the presentation and ends with the creation of a community. How do you do this?

Instagram prospecting: instructions for use

Optimising the professional profile

First of all, you should have a professional profile and therefore use a professional account or page on Instagram. Then come the cover photo and the profile photo. They should be as neat as possible, and ideally taken by real photographers. Your credibility and image are at stake. 

As you are a company, choose your logo or images of your services or products. Otherwise, put your brand or your muse in the first position. This has a way of attracting people. As long as it is representative of what you do or what you want to do or what you offer, it works. There is also a bio or a personal presentation. It's displayed just below your photo, so find the right words.

The choice of your name is also important. Obviously, you should use your company name. To make it quickly recognisable, it is advisable to put it in the URL. This is easy to do. Just go to your profile, click on "edit profile" and change the URL. You can then send it to your prospects or put it in your publications if needed.   

Using Instagram Ads

Instagram Ads allows you to gain traffic on Instagram. In fact, the social network makes it available to all its subscribers for a future marketing campaign. It is therefore the advertising tool to adopt if you want to succeed in your prospecting on Instagram. It helps you achieve your goals by targeting your audience and offering them to you on a platter.

Instagram Ads is perfect for :

  • generate online traffic,
  • collect leads, 
  • improve online visibility,
  • increase your audience,
  • gain new subscribers, 
  • Successful canvassing. 

Thus, this Instagram extension is your best lever for the realization of your marketing strategy and your prospection. However, it is not free. So it is only available on demand and if you subscribe only. But as an effective feature for professional accounts, it helps to develop business, i.e. to make sales.

However, compared to other online advertising media, Instagram Ads is still affordable. Advertising campaigns on Instagram are designed especially for young companies. Nevertheless, it is important to be realistic because it takes time to adapt. As a bot, it needs to collect a lot of data to be effective. This can inflate the budget. So be patient.  

Publish quality content

Lead generation is always about quality content. And even though it's not recommended to put up long content, because no one will take the time to read it, you should take care of it. This means that you should use beautiful photos to illustrate your ideas, posts, hashtags and even the news you share. Sentences should be as attractive as they are selling without being overly so. Stories should attract the eye and curiosity.

Here, you are conducting a proper canvass to attract prospects. Even when you go looking for new customers, in a private message or by email, your vocabulary should be careful. In addition, you should be able to prove your professionalism and show that you are competent in your field. Target companies look at this kind of detail because they are looking for perfection.

In this way, you also animate your community and create activity around you. Why is this important? It's essential, because your community is your main audience. They are also the first target of your prospecting. If the content is great, they will share it, which is great for prospecting. Your network grows more easily if people talk about you and you get people talking about you.

There is also the question of conversion. The leads generated, the new subscribers, the prospects... all have to become customers. At the very least, you should increase your sales with each campaign. This is only possible with optimised content, with links, photos, captions... anything that gives value to your services or products.

Being active every day

Being active every day is also essential. Pages that don't release new content on a regular basis quickly lose popularity or awareness. Everything you do must be not only viral, but also everlasting. Follow-ups are possible, but only in small doses. Ideally, you should share fun content, suitable for any age group, any company and anyone. You should therefore "standardise" your publications. 

Add to this your responsiveness to customer comments, feedback on private messaging or requests for explanations. You should still be an excellent follower on the other pages you subscribe to. 

How do you do this? Be active: like the posts of other professional accounts such as those of your partners, your clients, members of your network, etc. Publish content on a regular basis and don't forget the small advertising unit on each one. But above all, keep it real, keep it human. My Name is Bond shows you how to succeed in your prospecting on Instagram. 

So, are you joining us?

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