Alternative Strategies for Advertising CBD on Instagram

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This article offers an innovative solution for advertising CBD products on Instagram despite the restrictions. By using Growth Hacking strategies, you can effectively target your audience without relying on the classic Facebook and Instagram advertising system. Discover how My name is Bond can help you interact with targeted communities and optimize your visibility on Instagram.

Advertising CBD on Instagram

If you're looking to promote a CBD brand on Instagram, you know that advertising obstacles abound. Fortunately, there are Growth Hacking methods that offer creative alternatives to get around these restrictions.

The Growth Hacking Principle for CBD on Instagram

Traditional Instagram advertising relies on targeting provided by Facebook and Instagram, which is often blocked for CBD products. Our approach, however, uses "in-house" targeting to reach followers of specific accounts, a powerful, indirect method of increasing visibility for your CBD brand.

A tool similar to Facebook's Lookalike

This method is inspired by Facebook's Lookalike tool, which automatically creates a similar audience from a source audience. Our strategy makes this approach accessible to CBD brands on Instagram, without the usual limitations.

How to implement this strategy?

Transition from Traditional Targeting to Growth Hacking

Instead of relying on Facebook targeting, this strategy uses bots to interact with targeted communities. These interactions include: following accounts, liking their posts and watching their stories, marking your presence with your desired audience.

Automation with My name is Bond

Doing these things manually can be very time-consuming. Fortunately, solutions like My name is Bond automate this process for you. You simply provide your targets, and they take care of everything, including optimizing the results.

This method offers an innovative way around the advertising restrictions on Instagram for CBD products. If you have any questions or would like to find out more, don't hesitate to make an appointment with the My name is Bond team right here.

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