Understanding and mastering the Instagram algorithm

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This article takes you deep into the Instagram algorithm, explaining the different types of algorithms and their impact on your Feed, Stories, Explore, and Reels. Learn how Instagram uses signals to determine the visibility of your content and discover strategies to optimize your presence and engagement on the platform.

Understanding and mastering the Instagram algorithm

The Instagram algorithm is a mystery to many, with its constant changes and impact on content visibility. Yet by understanding how it works, you can optimize your strategy and boost your presence on the platform.

Instagram's different algorithms

Instagram uses several algorithms to manage different aspects of the platform:

1. Feed & Stories

Feed and Stories are designed to show content from your friends, family and loved ones. Instagram offers three views: Favorites, Followers and Default. Each of these views uses different signals to organize content, including post information, user activity, and history with the person who posted.

2. Search and Explorer

The explore section is for discovering new content. Instagram ranks these recommendations based on actions such as likes, saves and shares. Signals used include post information, user activity and previous interactions.

3. Reels

Reels, inspired by TikTok, aim to entertain and retain users on the platform. Content comes mainly from unfollowed accounts, ranked according to the user's presumed interest. Signals include user activity, interaction with the content creator and the quality of the Reel.

Understanding and using signals

Signals" are information used by Instagram to classify content. These signals vary depending on which section of Instagram you use and can include when you post, how often you like videos, and your general activity on the platform.

The Shadowban

Shadowban" is a term used to describe a drop in visibility on Instagram. However, often this is due to Instagram's ongoing testing with its algorithms. To check if your account is affected, check the "account status" in your settings.

Control What You See

Your interaction with Instagram influences what you see. You can improve your experience by :

  1. Choosing your close friends for Stories: this gives these people priority in your News Feed.
  2. Mute accounts that don't interest you: this allows you to follow someone without seeing their content.
  3. Marking recommended publications as "Not interested": this helps Instagram refine recommendations to your liking.

By understanding Instagram's algorithms and acting on the signals you send to the platform, you can dramatically improve the visibility and engagement of your content. Instagram's algorithm is no longer a mystery; it's now a tool you can use to your advantage.

I hope this article clarifies how the Instagram algorithm works for you. So don't forget to interact on the platform on a daily basis for maximum visibility. To define the best strategy for you, get in touch with My name is Bond, the agency that helps you develop your community in a qualified way and convert your followers into customers.

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