How bots and Linkedin automation tools work

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In the context of automated marketing, tools are offered to companies to facilitate contact on social platforms. This is the case of LinkedIn automation bots. These are bots that will perform all repetitive tasks on the professional social network LinkedIn. The sending of messages and invitations can be targeted according to the settings made before the launch of the tool. 

LinkedIn Automation Bot

Automated contact management

The automation bot will be used to reduce the time used in contact research. This tool can be automated: automatic responses, customer canvassing, profile additions after very careful screening. A bot also allows the sharing of messages to targeted contacts according to the type of keyword. 

Using software to gather and select interesting profiles on LinkedIn reduces processing time so that you can focus on business development strategies. The advantages of automation bots include: 

  • Ease of use: the automation tools are easy to use. Tutorials are made available to all users to make it easier to get started. Applications like LinkHelp also show you all the features on its website. This tool has more than twenty options compared to the other less powerful ones. 
  • Speed: the software will do the work that the marketing team usually does and in a shorter time. While the tool is doing its job, you can work on other tasks in parallel. 
  • Performance: Compared to human skills, the robot that will collect and select contacts offers better performance. It is sufficient to define the essential criteria in the selection parameters for the sorting to be done instantly.

Sending bulk messages

Automating your prospecting on LinkedIn really saves time, but more importantly, quality leads.

Request for a personalised connection

Through the use of a tool, the research of target profiles, the identification of decision-makers with the evaluation of interests, everything is done automatically. The invitation messages sent will be personalised and not neutral and generalised emails that might never be opened. With just a few clicks, you will have an interesting and more objective database.

Bulk message delivery

After the search for interesting profiles, it is time to start sending mass messages. For this, it is no longer necessary to do it by hand, but to let the software take care of it. Depending on the bot chosen, the number of invitations sent can vary between 80 and 100 per day. The messages to be shared will be between 120 to 150 to have profile visits between 160 to 200 daily. The reminders and automatic responses can also be programmed according to the returns of these profiles. Note that messages sent on LinkedIn are more likely to be read and replied to than standard emails that are received in an ordinary mailbox.

Automation of campaign scenarios

The automation of LinkedIn is not limited to prospecting and sending emails. It also allows you to build marketing scenarios that could bring good results. The tools offer various options to boost prospecting. For example, you can try one of the following approaches: receiving an invitation, commenting on a post, receiving a gift, exchanging links... But there are also some examples of scenarios that companies can try out.

Sending personalised invitations

To avoid sending generic messages, you can define a personalised post according to the profiles you have collected. To make an objective sorting, you establish specific criteria: name, first name, position, company... The messages will thus be received directly by the interested leads.

Automatic retry or response

You can also schedule your reminders or automatic replies to be sent immediately after a few days. And in order not to bore the recipient, you can even adjust your new message with new benefits or more interesting information.

Test & learn" method

Inseparable, these two techniques are important to validate a strategy on LinkedIn. The test allows you to identify where the gaps are so that you can propose another more specific action. The test period also allows you to define which tools will be useful to you and which ones will not be useful to you for the moment. To make the right choice, it is necessary to determine which software can personalise messages and invitations, create interesting scenarios, connect with other automation bots, which selects safe profiles on LinkedIn... If you have a CRM, you can integrate the selected prospects. 

For all the information you need to know about automation, please contact My Name Is Bond. It is the leader in social media automation. Boost your team's lead generation performance with the right tools. And gain interesting and reliable profiles. Using LinkedIn bots and automation tools will also help you optimise your prospecting on a professional social network. Don't hesitate to test different types of scenarios in order to find the right strategy to promote your company or to highlight your products against the competition. The work will be done more easily and quickly. 

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