How to go viral on Linkedin?

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On LinkedIn, making a post is not enough to make it go viral. In fact, how many times have you posted a piece of content that went unanswered? Also, have you seen the number of times a post from a member you don't subscribe to ends up on your news feed? All because it was so well liked that it received massive interaction. Although it's not temporary, consider how viral it can be. So how do you do it?

Going viral on LinkedIn

Posting original and quality content

Publish content, of course, but you also need something else. To go viral on this essential social network dedicated to professionals, it is important to focus on content with high added value. And first of all, find good topics so that your followers will deign to linger on your post. The posts that interest your followers the most are those that seem to be made for them:

  • Personal experiences are a favourite topic for subscribers. In addition to comparing them to their own experiences, they will feel touched by your sharing and connect with you. 
  • Why not also give advice or provide a solution to your audience's problems? 
  • Talking about news related to one's field of activity is also appreciated.

In addition to the choice of topic, the style of writing and the presentation of the text should also be taken into account:

  • Make sure your texts are clear and concise and avoid jargon. 
  • Keep it simple, complete, but not cluttered: photo, video, screenshot.
  • Insert an external link in the comment so that customers are redirected to it. 
  • At the end of the post, don't hesitate to make a "call to action" so that subscribers react to your posts. 
  • Identify relevant people who can react to your publications.

Give priority to photos and videos for each publication

To go viral on LinkedIn, publishing a good text is not enough. Indeed, it is also important to illustrate your publication with an image or a video. Especially since, contrary to popular belief, the LinkedIn algorithm does not favour any particular format. So when you make a post, always accompany it with an image, multiple images or videos. Especially since the latter are clearer. They have a reputation for being more virulent than words. 

In the case of an image, the message you want to convey is clear at a glance, no need to read a long text. It is quite simple and quick. In addition to the ease of understanding, it is more likely to be shared. What's more, an image or video is always much more captivating than text alone. And whether it's photos or videos, don't hesitate to use applications and software to improve their quality.

Mention an influencer on each publication

The more people who interact with your post, the better. Remember, this is the secret to going viral. If we usually identify and tag our friends to increase the audience rate, it is common to mention an influencer. The key is to mention their name in a good and positive way so that they react to your post. However, please choose one that is consistent with your field of activity. 

Unlike a friend or acquaintance, the influencer has thousands of followers. And tagging him can only increase the audience rate, because all his followers will see the post on their news feed. The latter can then participate in the debate if he has one or re-share the post with a tag. It is all these interactions that justify the nomination of an influencer.

To name an influencer in your post, press @ followed by the beginning of the name of the influencer you are looking for. A drop-down list will then appear and all you have to do is choose the one you want to mention. However, it's best to mention only one influencer per post. 

Abusing newsjacking

It turns out that to make a post go viral, abuse of newsjacking is necessary. Increasingly used by major brands and companies, it is a must-have marketing strategy when you want to go viral on LinkedIn. Translated from English, newsjacking consists of hijacking the most popular news stories to your advantage. It can also be about upcoming events and hot news.

Since everyone knows about it, why not use it to draw attention to your brand or company by using this media content? It's a good idea to use it to feed your blog or whatever, and it will increase your goodwill. In addition, it will boost communication with you and your community. And not least, it will be a big communication coup for your brand while expanding your audience. 

Publishing content on LinkedIn is not enough to have a viral post. Choosing the right media, careful and original content are essential to increase your audience rate in no time. The use of newsjacking and the identification of an influencer are also very profitable. My name is Bond and its team can advise you and help you go viral on LinkedIn.

So, are you joining us?

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