Top 5 tools for marketing automation on Twitter

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By using specific tools for marketing automation, you can make the most of Twitter. Each tool is different because of its popularity and specialization. Are you looking for software that will meet your expectations? Check out our list. 

5 Twitter automation tools

1. CoSchedule

It is a marketing software suite. It is a tool that is suitable for marketing teams and agencies, product managers, business owners, entrepreneurs, etc. 

CoSchedule provides its users with a set of tools to organize all marketing-related work and content from one place. This software is most useful when used in a collaborative team environment. It automates workflows and organises content. It improves productivity.

Among its features are : 

  • A marketing calendar: it has a cross-functional calendar; 
  • A work organizer: it helps manage work with automated workflows;
  • A content organizer ; 
  • An asset organiser ; 
  • A social organiser. 

With CoSchedule, users can develop their entire content marketing strategy. It also allows you to streamline each marketing project on a single platform. If you use the ReQueue feature, it will help you automatically republish the most interesting content at the right time. If you're a self-employed entrepreneur or blogger, you can get a free version. But in return, you will join an affiliate program. As for the paid version, it costs $40. 

2. Adstage

It is a campaign management software dedicated to companies and professionals. It has many features such as : 

  • Exploring data ; 
  • Segmenting the customer base ; 
  • Trigger a customer event;
  • Recommend the best course of action, etc. 

AdStage connects performance marketers to ad data. With this information, they can analyse, optimise and report on paid media campaigns. This tool offers a free 14-day trial.

In SaaS mode, this software is compatible with most corporate information systems. It is also adapted to most operating systems (OS) such as Windows, Mac OS and Linux. It can also be used through a web browser such as Firefox or Chrome. 

To access this software package remotely, all that is required is a mobile device such as a tablet, smartphone, etc. For this tool to work properly, a proper internet connection and an up-to-date browser are required.

3. Meetsoda

It is one of the partners of the Twitter Marketing Platform. With their help, you can easily set up and manage your Twitter campaigns. Since the campaigns are easy to set up, you won't have any trouble setting them up. This tool will also give you access to real-time analytics. This social media management platform provides advertisers with the means to optimise campaigns in real time.

4. Oktopost

This social media management solution gives you the tools you need to track your marketing actions. You can easily :

  • Publish and schedule updates; 
  • Checking statistics on social networks;
  • Find and listen to your audience. 

With Oktopost, you can carry out these actions in one place. With this tool, you will be able to carry out interactive marketing campaigns. It is important to know that Oktopost is adapted for different social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. The campaigns can be visualised through a common calendar. With this software, you will be able to publish content at more relevant times. 

Thanks to the social listening function in partnership with Talkwalker, you can track keywords, mentions of your brand and content from your competitors. As Oktopost is a collaborative tool, you can assign tasks to members of your team. 

This social media management tool stands out thanks to its simplicity and aesthetics. It is perfectly suited for B2B companies. With the help of Oktopost, B2B marketing teams will be able to easily schedule large volumes of social content on different networks. It also allows for the measurement of business performance.

5. Rignite

This social network marketing software has many features. For example, you can create a campaign to run contests on Facebook and Twitter. It also allows you to monitor : 

  • Your different accounts; 
  • The keywords ; 
  • The users. 

It also gives you the ability to publish and update your posts, store photos and monitor your performance. This tool also allows you to develop, boost engagement and gain sales more easily. If you refer to this tool, you will be able to run campaigns, manage engagement and measure the impact of social activity.

To save time and increase your chances of reaching the maximum number of targets on Twitter, use marketing automation. To avoid investing in the wrong solution, get advice from My Name Is Bond.

So, are you joining us?

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