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Generating qualified leads without losing your skin is the dream of start-ups and young entrepreneurs. In the digital age, any company that wants to make a name for itself is forced to go through this step. While the terms lead generation and automated prospecting are most often heard in the B2B prospecting sector, they can be everywhere, especially for social media platforms. Automating your prospecting does indeed save time, mass followers and of course money. Why should you use automated lead generation and prospecting services? 

Lead automation and prospecting

A strategy in line with your objectives

Social networking sites have become key communication levers for developing your e-reputation. However, they require recurring tasks and extremely high-quality content. But as well as being of the highest quality, this content must also be eye-catching. In the marketing automation process, only the creation of content is the responsibility of the company. The rest can usually be entrusted to a robot, leading to automated prospecting. There are many reasons to adopt automated marketing. But its main aim is to get far ahead of your competitors. In this respect, it's an ideal strategy for achieving your goals. 

Your marketing automation has several objectives: 

  • Save more time, 
  • Free yourself from burdensome and repetitive tasks, 
  • Capture information from potential customers, 
  • Analyse the pages consulted by users, 
  • Generate new business opportunities, 
  • Maintaining customer relations, 
  • Accurately estimate the return on investment, 
  • Aligning marketing campaigns with sales objectives. 

Lead generation not only saves you a lot of money, it also sets you apart from the competition. By creating relevant content, you can easily convey your values and assets. If you succeed in establishing your e-reputation, you'll have no trouble winning a share of the market already won by your competitors.

If we often talk about standing out from the crowd to optimise your turnover or gain more subscribers, we should not forget that marketing automation also allows you to convert your prospects into customers. Finding sales contacts is not easy. But with this strategy, you can get these contacts to follow you or buy your products. Lead generation effectively provides you with qualified leads. Studies have shown that about 60-80% of the B2B buying process is largely the result of a web search. Your presence and reputation on the web are therefore essential in the purchasing process of your potential customers. This is the only way to achieve your goals. 

For an increased ROI

Once the whole process of lead generation and automated prospecting is in place, you can gain visibility. If you provide quality content on the Internet and have an automation system to better communicate it, you'll undoubtedly improve your brand's visibility. This in turn will give you more leads, so you can deploy all the means necessary to qualify them, again using marketing automation techniques. But more importantly, they enable you to evaluate how many leads you've converted into real customers.

Marketing automation allows you to accurately measure the return on investment of each of your lead generation campaigns. In fact, you can be sure that it is profitable at all levels. In lead management, the goal is to get contacts, turn them into prospects and convert them into qualified customers. Lead generation is a very inexpensive way of doing this. And yet, it allows you to obtain potential customers more quickly. It is indeed affordable compared to other traditional marketing strategies. With the traditional marketing strategy, you have to use TV advertisements, for example, which is relatively expensive. This is not the case with lead automation and lead generation. 

The best tools at your disposal

Lead generation enables you to build up your reputation on the Internet. And for this, you have all the best tools at your disposal through marketing automation . Marketing automation is an undeniable strategy for avoiding wasted time, while optimizing the performance of your actions and interventions in the process of growing your business or company. 

With its various lead and prospect automation tools, you can offload recurring tasks, such as sending emails, notifications, likes, retweets, SMS, scheduling posts, lead segmentation and more. They are able to contact and track all your competitors' followers and send them messages, among others.

One of the biggest frustrations companies have with these automation tools is security. Will they be able to deal with shadow banning? Will their accounts be blocked? These are all niggling questions. However, if you use experts who are already trained in the principles of social networking algorithms, you are bound to get excellent results. 

One of these tools is My Name Is Bond, which allows you to create automated campaigns more easily and optimise your results.

Continuous improvement of your campaigns

The inbound marketing strategy of marketing automation opens up immense possibilities, but above all, it enables you to continually improve your campaigns. That's why it's a good idea to deploy a marketing automation tool. Thanks to it, you won't have to spend time on time-consuming tasks. It also enables you to maintain a high-quality relationship with your customers and build loyalty. It gives you the time to remain attentive to their needs, to analyze what might satisfy them and to reach out to them. The more you inspire their confidence, the more they'll follow you or buy your products, and at the same time recommend others to do so too. 

The cycle that these lead automation tools follow remains personalised. It is set in motion to support the relationship with each of your prospects. For this reason, the results are highly appreciable. The proposed content will be progressively improved in an automatic way following the exchanges with your potential customers. They will then receive proposals adapted to their needs. This will keep your campaign at the top of its performance. The interactions will be made in a linked and continuous way. All this, without your intervention. 

You should know that if you use automated marketing software, it will intervene in every element of your marketing strategy. It will drive your actions and approaches towards measurable and accurate results. 

My Name Is Bond is the agency that represents a robot for automating the various actions carried out on social networks. It offers relevant new solutions for prospecting and performance marketing. If you're looking for automated lead generation and prospecting services, My Name Is Bond is the expert to call. 

So, are you joining us?

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