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The success of a marketing automation strategy often depends on the tools used. These automation software packages have many automatic functions that are essential for the implementation of the strategy. The result is that tasks are lightened and sales are increased. What are the five best tools of the moment? 

5 tools for marketing automation

1 - ProspectIn

Who doesn't know LinkedIn? It is the most famous professional social network in the world, especially in French-speaking countries. It has an automation software called ProspectIn or "LinkedIn automation", a must have if you want to make LinkedIn your hunting ground. Its advantages: 

  • automatic opening of interesting profiles,
  • quick and direct contact with interesting profiles via personalised messages,
  • fully individualised automatic invitations,
  • an easy-to-use and easy-to-learn interface, 
  • an affordable rate, 
  • high effectiveness on LinkedIn. 

Thus, you will find it very easy to start a conversation with your target on LinkedIn thanks to ProspectIn. This is true from the preparation of the first message to the sale. Even the entire communication can be fed through automated, but personalised messages. It is mainly needed for follow-up, prospecting or invitation to purchase. Nevertheless, it is very effective. 

2 - Podawaa

Podawaa is a fully customisable automation tool. It allows you to create custom content and send it to prospects on LinkedIn. Yes, we're staying on LinkedIn with Podawaa. It allows you to create individualised messages that are known to be very engaging. The engagement is even very fast because no one can know that it is an automated message, i.e. they have just received a message from a bot. 

Podawaa also allows you to find direct targets, the prospects you were expecting. You will be able to designate a typical audience and change the pod each time. Even comments can be automated, knowing that they will look real. One of its biggest advantages is the creation of posts. You can prepare and schedule them. The robot takes care of publishing them, suggesting improvements if necessary. 

In short, Podawaa simulates the behaviour of a human being for all your communications. Note that Podawaa is compatible with ProspectIn. Normal since it is entirely dedicated to LinkedIn. 

3 - Hootsuite

Hootsuite is an automation software for social networks. It is perfect for communications on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. It's also easy to use, as you simply create posts and schedule them to appear. This frees you from a repetitive task as it is known that posts need to be regular in network marketing. 

Hootsuite then takes care of the publication. Of course, changes are suggested if the robot deems that improvements need to be made. This is very useful for community managers or those responsible for communication on social networks. 

It still has a dashboard with statistics. You can check your whole community, the data about the effectiveness of each publication, the number of reactions, etc. So you have a complete analysis tool with Hootsuite. Even the number of views, comments and shares is visible. The management is therefore centralised, which is perfect in terms of organisation. 

4 - Zapier

Zapier is also an automation tool, but it is oriented towards automation applications. It is like an application connector. In reality, it is an event automation platform for all your automation applications. It's interesting because it saves you the hassle of switching between different tools and wasting time managing all of these software. 

Zapier is compatible with several communication tools such as Gmail, WordPress, Mailchimp, Google drive, ProspectIn, etc. You don't have to integrate new names on each of your applications. Just go to Zapier, do it once and you will find all your prospects on all your applications. The same goes for a publication, you just have to create one and activate the synchronization on all your apps. 

Everything happens on Zap, your dashboard or your workflows on Zapier. As a reminder, the program is fully automated. Its responsiveness is similar to that of software used in banking institutions, which is part of marketing automation. 

5 - Piwaa

Another little friend of LinkendIn. Piwaa is another automation tool on LinkedIn. This time, it is a software that can converse in private messages with targets or customers. It facilitates your private communication without your interlocutor knowing that it is in fact an automation software. It is however very effective.  

Piwaa works in the same way as the other tools in the list. You should pre-record messages and create autoresponder functions. It takes care of exporting them directly to your CRM. These pre-recorded responses are sent based on the feedback from the prospects. There is also an auto-reply function to use when needed. 

Its real plus is its particularly practical interface. The ergonomics are unique because you should master everything quickly. A smart feature even allows you to tag your targets to reduce search times later. 

Thus, the functionalities of the marketing tools are essential. It is up to you to choose the best software, the one that best suits your projects. Alternatively, My Name is Bond can help you with your marketing automation strategy. It also uses the best marketing tools to facilitate your tasks. 

So, are you joining us?

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