How to implement outreach marketing?

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Discover, thanks to My Name Is Bond, the number one social media automation company in France, the tips and tricks for a successful implementation of outreach marketing.

How to set up outreach marketing

Identify the right contacts for prospecting

Outreach marketing works in much the same way as traditional sales prospecting . Influential people such as comedians, singers or well-known figures are called in to advertise. This time, the campaign focuses on Internet users. So, we work with "influencers", those people who gather thousands or even millions of subscribers on their Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, etc. accounts. 

You have to start by finding the right influencers. In other words, they need to get people talking about you and attracting their followers to you. Choose those who :

  • have charisma and a very large online community; 
  • have the same values as your company; 
  • have a good reputation in your field of activity; 
  • can bring new subscribers to your business profile, and especially new customers. 

For everything to go smoothly, you should sign a "Win Win" contract. Your influencers should benefit from your services or products, but above all from your visibility. Even if the deal is paid, you should include them in your blogs or quote them on your website. In the same way, you will be well presented in his posts. He may make a video or a publication dedicated to your company.

Personalise emails

Outreach marketing also requires top-quality content. You need to take great care with your content, whether it's text, photos, videos or anything else. They must be highly optimized, i.e. easily found on the Net. Use the right keywords, tags and meta tags. Above all, pay attention to your prospecting e-mails and the private messages you send on social networks. How can you do this? Personalize them as much as possible to make the customer feel special. 

By personalising your emails, you should attract the attention and curiosity of your targets. They will click on the links. They will look at your home page or your videos. They will look for things that interested them. Then they will buy, they will share, they will give their opinions, etc. In any case, these are the main objectives of outreach marketing. And since we are talking about large-scale development on the web, this is obvious. 

As a reminder, outreach marketing is defined as a modern business technique aimed at developing the company beyond its usual boundaries. The aim is to reach a wider audience, especially targets that do not seem to be easy to convince and to convert them into customers. Hence the need to work with influencers who gather a large community around them.

Integrate the right call-to-actions

"Call-to-action" is the main objective of outreach marketing. It is necessary to encourage prospects to act, to place an order or to request an intervention. Influencers take care of the "call" part because they will use their influence and notoriety to encourage their subscribers to take an interest in you. They will even ask them to try or buy your products. But you need good call-to-actions. 

In fact, the concept of outreach marketing implies that every actor is privileged. Both the company and each influencer must benefit. Above all, we are talking about a relationship of trust, since modern marketing techniques for praising a product are sometimes very different from the old ones. 

So, rather than talking about it, we will unpack it and show directly how it should be used. We even use it in full view of the public to prove that it is effective or practical, rather than stopping at its presentation. It can even be criticized, while making it clear that it is a good product. The important thing is to make a splash about your business. 

Call-to-action also requires regular appearances, as is usually done for TV ads. But this time, it's on social networks.

Analyse the impact of the campaign

Each marketing campaign requires an analysis of the data collected during the project. The effectiveness of the collaboration with influencers, emailing content, investments, etc. must be evaluated. Several parameters should be checked, such as perception indicators, loyalty rate, acquisition cost, etc. In the end, think of using a dashboard. 

Firstly, the aim is to find out if your actions have reached a wider audience as planned. Then you evaluate your level of visibility, reputation and online awareness as a result of the actions you took. Finally, there is the financial evaluation to determine how much the campaign has earned. 

Secondly, you will evaluate the real impact of your outreach marketing project with data, figures or sales statistics. You need to count the number of likes, the engagement rate, the number of comments, the number of clicks, the traffic, etc. You also need to know the conversion rate or purchase intent. 

For your outreach marketing campaign, My Name is Bond offers you its services as aweb agency specialized in web marketing. It offers you the best influencers to give your business a boost. It will provide you with the analysis tools you need, such as social network trackers and much more. 

So, are you joining us?

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