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The outreach marketing is a practical and easy-to-implement advertising technique. You only need to build up your online network so that every marketing action is echoed. Your human relations are the basis for your development on the web. But how does it work in practice and what advantages does this technique offer?

About the outreach marketing

Outreach marketing: definition

Outreach marketing is an English term that means "to develop externally". The objective is to reach targets beyond your natural limits. Thus, the technique consists of fostering human relationships to improve the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. 

In other words, you're going to create a community of web usersaround your brand or company, so that together you can develop your business. A "win-win" concept is built in, because you'll be working with web influencers. Some are so influential that they bring even more views to your campaign, and even customers. And that's the point. 

To illustrate this, think of a medium-sized circle, which denotes your community and your level of influence. Then add several smaller circles around the circumference. You will see that the size of the image gets bigger. And add more small circles on top of the first small circles. The image will get bigger and bigger. This is how outreach marketing develops. It's like drawing halos around your company so that your circle grows faster. 

This is possible because every web influencer has his own community. They interact with them. These are the first small circles. Then they have their own network of followers, which form the second small circles. And so on... Interactions mean that people are talking about you, your services or your products a little more every day. People will be tempted to buy your articles or to ask about you. This is how outreach marketing works. 

How does outreach marketing work?

In practice,outreach marketing is much simpler. You sign partnership contracts with people who are well-known online. You advertise them, and they advertise you. Such and such an influencer will talk about you in his or her Vlog or on any social network, for example. 

In return, you quote him on your website. Your company benefits from his influence and he benefits from your image. His community will be informed of your services and products, and your community will often see him in your blogs. Each action concerning you on his part will thus be taken up on your side so that each one responds positively to the other's action. 

So, on the whole, it is a marketing practice like any other. The only difference is the integration of the "Win Win" concept because each party plays off the other's network. The effect of this action is much greater than any other advertising action. It has even become a must since everyone is on social networks nowadays. 

Outreach marketing thus makes it possible to : 

  • multiply your contacts on the web and increase your community, 
  • to benefit from a major marketing lever with high added value,
  • strengthen your e-reputation, your image and your reputation,
  • extend your influence to new people and even more potential customers. 

On social media, outreach marketing is defined by the existence of the famous "paid posts". Brands hire the services of influencers on Instagram or LinkedIn to get the word out for a fee. They'll also leave a few words about them to thank them and get the word out. 

Why focus on outreach marketing?

The biggest advantage is the influence of influencers on your image and reputation. Some are followed by thousands of followers in another country. Others have more than 6, 7 or 8 million people following their account. Imagine the impact of a single paid post. This is not possible for new companies with only a few hundred followers. 

In fact, even big brands are adopting it because it makes it easier to get a new product across and reach even more people. Note that content marketing is still applicable. Also, improve SEO for proper optimization. 

This means researching influencers, especially the most famous ones. Each piece of content must be well prepared before publication. They may ask you to make a few changes to make it more catchy or to make it sell more. This is to say that you can also benefit from their advice even if they are very young marketers. 

You should focus on outreach marketing because it seems to be the only way to move up the ladder quickly. Many new businesses are starting up because of the competition. The aim is to gain visibility and awareness in a very short time. You can even get a line on the top of the search engines or be the first recommendation of Internet users in your field of expertise. 

If you're still struggling to blend in, but are ready to invest in outreach marketing, My Name is Bond is here. As your web agency, we'll help you find solutions to your problems. We'll also help you make the most of your projects and find the best influencers for you. 

So, are you joining us?

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