Social media marketing trends in 2021

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Network marketing is constantly evolving. Again this year, new updates are needed to maintain your position on social networks and on the web in general. This starts with the type of content you choose, the quality of the content and your interactions with your posts. Here are the marketing trends to adopt on social networks in 2021. 

Social media marketing trends

Short videos and ephemeral content

Videos are on the rise! In 2021, people are definitely in a hurry, but patient enough to watch a video. But not just any video! Everyone knows that advertising is hidden in every video, they only watch short videos to see the essential.

In other words, a 2 to 5 minute video is more effective in terms of marketing than a 25 to 40 minute video. Time can also be bought... 

In fact, people do this in the hope that they won't run into the ads. They're already everywhere, so putting an advert in a video would be a bit much. However, they are quite understanding. They're willing to watch a mini ad if it's well integrated and doesn't spoil the fun. 

Fun? Yes, they click on the video to laugh, to be sublimated or to get relevant information. Otherwise, no marketing effect is expected. 

So, choose ephemeral and entertaining content and add strong advertisements with the right information. Many people still associate the internet with entertainment, so play on that. 

Focus on conversational marketing

Conversational marketing is also essential in 2021. You should go back to the basics of traditional marketing: exchanges and communications. 

Remember to use the : 

  • Comments
  • Private messages
  • Feedback - likes and emojis
  • Share content from subscribers
  • Requests for advice
  • Various games - competitions, questions and answers
  • Surveys...  

Through conversational marketing, the customer relationship will be strengthened. You will be closer to your subscribers and customers. Thus, the communication with your community will be optimised because you will know their needs and what they expect from you. You have an open and infinite idea box on your business page. 

To make this technique even more effective, think about personalised feedback: personalised messages, comments on each reply to your posts, etc. The goal is to value your subscribers to increase or strengthen your online reputation.

Content recycling

The content on your website and social networks should be recycled. This should be done at least every three years. But in 2021, it is better to increase the frequency. You should recycle it every year or month. 

On social networks, viral content must be relayed every month so that people remember where it came from. Indeed, given the amount of information circulating, you will be forgotten if your content is not regularly disseminated. 

For example, one story, five tweets, one video and one hashtag per day. As you should inform your targets differently in 2021, you should create content differently. And recycling remains the best way to ensure a return on investment. Sometimes you need to publish a memory or renew your captions. Other times, you just need to react to a post. Everyone who reacted to it will forward it to their news feed or receive notifications. 

Focus on social gaming

Social gaming is simply the integration of games into your marketing strategy. 

In 2021, this type of activity will explode your audience and your traffic. It is similar to conversational marketing, but more engaging. The objective is to create games to gain a reputation. Internet users will thus participate directly in your development while having fun. 

Social gaming is also very popular with social users because there are often prizes to be won. You will boost your network and communicate with your followers. You can opt for challenge games, competitions or others. There are also specific tools to improve the experience such as webcams, virtual headsets, augmented reality, etc. You can use anything that can optimize this activity. 

For your company, social gaming is a business opportunity not to be missed and a new way to communicate in 2021. 

Multiplying private groups

Interaction is on the agenda again this year. 

To be closer to your customers, you can create private groups. Choose a theme or your field of activity, a particular product or service. If you are in the high-tech industry, consider a group on all technology products. You can manage it so that you can post offers regularly and do competitive intelligence at the same time. 

Private groups are also reduced to a circle with high marketing value. Real consumers, potential customers, future partners will want to join because they know they will find what they need there. So there is one or more common points that unite you. What could be better for your sales! 

Remember, ephemeral content is more effective than serious content. 

So, make your posts fun to get people to subscribe and interact. As entertainment is always well received, the experience should appeal to everyone. This type of activity should even be organised on a regular basis. Also choose a network marketing expert to assist and advise you, choose My Name is Bond

So, are you joining us?

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