Why use bots on social networks?

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Social network bots are small opinion bots that influence social network discussions. They take the place of human users on social networks without any indication that they are machines. This type of machine has been developed to activate discussions in the direction of the users or to share opinions on social networks. 

Benefits of Social Media Bots

Time saving

The mission of social networking bots is more or less restricted. They operate within an application or messaging interface. Bots guide the user through small tasks such as making an online purchase or solving a technical problem. This conversational interface provides relevant information to Internet users in a natural language without human intervention. This is why social networking bots are particularly useful for businesses. It is the most widely used customer support tool for SMEs. This is because it saves them precious time. Instead of staying in front of the screen all the time and talking to customers, the bot does everything for you.

Customer services departments in SMEs do not always have the means to respond satisfactorily to the many requests for assistance from their customers. In this case, instead of waiting on the phone for a long time and hoping that a sales agent will pick up, customers can now talk to the intelligent robot to solve their problems. On the other hand, the agents can go on to other more important tasks. If you used to spend 80% of your time answering your customers, with bots you only spend 20% of your time answering the most sensitive questions. In short, bots free up time to assign more complex tasks to call centre agents in order to provide a higher quality of service.

Cost control

Social media bots are like a dynamic FAQ based on a predefined scenario. They will hold a conversation in natural language to assist a customer. Bots on social networks are mostly used by SMEs facing a resource problem. Worldwide, the customer service market can reach several billion euros. Investing in social network bots can reduce your company's customer service costs by up to 30%. It is an effective solution to control costs. 

According to studies, the cost of a customer interaction by telephone is between 30 and 45 euros. In addition, the customer support manager spends 80% of his or her time dealing with a good ten emails with all sorts of questions. If this is handled by bots on social networks, this cost is reduced to between 6 and 8 euros and the tasks to be done are considerably reduced. On the other hand, an average conversation between a bot and a customer costs about 0.030 cents, not counting the cost of developing the social bot. Within a few years, 70% of interactions will be handled by bots. Similarly, more than 50% of customer requests can be met by this artificial intelligence.

Improving the customer experience

Bots on social networks continue to multiply year after year. They are considered as a conversational agent mostly set up on an instant messenger. These bots communicate directly with an Internet user for after-sales service or shopping advice. The majority of large online retailers use social bots to improve the customer experience. 

To interact with brands, more and more French people are using bots. The communication channels used for this purpose have evolved enormously, turning other communication channels upside down:

  • emails dropped by 5 points, 
  • SMS are down by 14 points, 
  • smartphone applications lost 7 points,
  • social network applications dropped by 7 points.

At the same time, bots on social networks are increasing by 11 points, with users including 42% of young people under 35 years old and 41% belonging to wealthy socio-professional categories. The impact of the bot on interactions between customers and brands is confirmed every year. The evolution of the buying process is justified with the rise in the use of bots on social networks. 

Differentiation from the competition

As the saying goes, the first impression is always the right one. In this case, you need to be welcoming to give yourself the best chance. More and more websites are using bots on social networks. These artificial intelligences introduce themselves to the website visitor and offer to start a discussion. The bots, whether they are chatbots or voice bots, are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They have to answer almost all the customer's questions. 

For a brand looking to stand out from the competition, it makes sense to offer bots on social networks. To succeed, you need to prepare the setup very carefully. If your bot is poorly designed, it will provide inconsistent and incomprehensible responses. Building your bots requires a lot of preparation. You need to think carefully about your persona's behaviour to know where and when they visit your site. 

Bots react independently to mimic human users. By offering bots on social networks, you will benefit from their multiple advantages. In addition to saving you time, they save the cost of customer service. To this end, My Name Is Bond offers the most secure and discreet bot on the market.

So, are you joining us?

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