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Marketing automation makes it easier to increase the visibility of your company. It works by the principle of automation of marketing campaigns. Respecting several predefined conditions, it will be based on preconceived scenarios that will be defined according to user behaviour. For example, we speak of marketing automation when it comes to generating leads and automating prospecting.

Marketing automation agency

Controlling customer acquisition costs 

One of the main advantages of this marketing technique is that it will allow you to considerably reduce the cost of your investment in advertising. It is an approach that allows you to maximise results at a lower cost. What exactly is the cost of customer acquisition? To explain it in very simple terms, it is the cost you pay to get a new customer. The customer acquisition cost or CAC is the total expenditure generated to acquire a number of customers. These customer acquisition costs refer to the calculation of the ROI or return on investment. It takes into account the expenses and the turnover achieved. The expenses refer to the resources deployed to acquire prospects and convert them into qualified leads.  

Investing in marketing automation allows you to considerably reduce your customer acquisition costs, but also to control them. This technique therefore has a dual purpose. To do this, it starts from a particularly simple principle. Indeed, it works to attract the attention of prospects in a natural way and yet, without having to resort to the various techniques of traditional customer canvassing. In order to do this, marketing automation eventually requires the implementation of a structured, relevant and quality content strategy. It must be targeted in order to provide solutions to customers' needs. In this way, it is the customers who will contact you and not the other way around.   

Through automated prospecting on social networks, you can considerably increase the visibility of your brand. And yet, you won't have to budget for it. By automatically managing repetitive, but very important tasks, these software solutions will undoubtedly make your life easier. 

Reduction of the sales cycle time

Thanks to marketing automation techniques, you can easily reduce your sales cycle. And that, without effort and at a very low cost. How can you do this? By automating your leads on social networks, you can provide these leads with targeted content. They will then naturally follow the path to conversion. As soon as the time is right, the marketing team already has all the levers at its disposal to achieve the desired sales results. However, to achieve this, it is essential to follow a few rules. 

To get the most out of your marketing automation, it is essential to consider the following details: 

  • Determining precise objectives before starting a lead automation process, 
  • Integration of marketing automation as part of its inbound marketing strategy, 
  • Sending targeted content to a very small audience, but one that is concerned by the message conveyed, etc. 

In addition to reducing the length of the sales cycle, marketing automation will also enable you to build customer loyalty. By maintaining good communication with them, you will be able to gain their trust more and they will always be inclined to opt for your products or to follow you.

In concrete terms, how can you reduce the sales cycle time with marketing automation?

In addition to reducing the cost of prospecting, marketing automation is also able to reduce the length of the sales cycle. To do this, it will qualify leads according to precise criteria. These qualified leads will be passed on to the sales and marketing team when they are ready. By prioritising leads in this way, companies can spend time with their prospects and build trust more easily. Prospects have identified their problems. They have information about your company and now know where you can help them. 

Marketing automation also offers the possibility of informing leads and educating them at the same time. It allows leads to mature very quickly. Reaction time will also be reduced. Follow-up of leads can be done in an easier and faster way. This strategy allows for a permanent and sustained contact between the company and its potential customers.  

Improving the efficiency of marketing and sales teams

Marketing automation allows a company to have accurate reporting. It will thus be able to measure the results of its web marketing actions more easily. It will also make its marketing and sales teams more efficient as they will have a powerful tool at their disposal.
Remember that marketing automation must be set up to target your prospects. This software will also detect the maturity level of your leads by analysing their behaviour on the web. As your marketing teams will be relieved of repetitive tasks that can be very time consuming, they can focus more on identifying hot prospects. This marketing automation actually offers the possibility to better contextualise the approach to leads. With a good automation scenario, it will not be difficult to identify qualified leads in the buying phase. 

This marketing strategy is not only about converting prospects into qualified leads. It also allows you to maintain a very good relationship and excellent communication with your contacts and customers. A more effective way to build loyalty. 

Around 75% of companies say that a marketing automation solution provides an excellent return on investment. They have also seen a 10% increase in sales. This automation of your prospecting thus strengthens the performance of your team.

Lead generation

The role of a marketing automation agency is to deploy all the actions that can create commercial contacts. Lead generation is particularly important for sales. It is one of the first components of lead management. To go back to the definition of leads, it is a commercial contact. It can be a direct interaction, an e-mail, a call, etc. Anything that defines that a person has already been made aware of the product or offer of the company. It is referred to as the buying cycle in B-to-B and B-to-C marketing. It should not be confused with prospects, which are already leads that can be converted into customers. 

Generating leads has many benefits. It can gain followers on social networks and leads on a company's website. This would allow you to stand out from the competition, but above all to convert your prospects into customers. As we all know, competition is tough on the Internet, you need to master this lead generation technique to stand out from the crowd. Don't hesitate to hire a professional to get the best results. 

There are many reasons why you might want to hire an agency with expertise in marketing automation. Call on My Name Is Bond if you want to entrust this project to a professional in the field. Their team will help you boost your audience on social networks and offer you fully effective and secure techniques. 

So, are you joining us?

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