What are the differences between community management and social media management?

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Social networks need a manager. But should a company hire a community manager or a social media manager? But don't these two jobs seem to be one and the same. Yet they are two different jobs. Why are they different? What are the tasks and roles for each of them?

Differences between CM and social media management

The tasks and roles of the community manager

The community manager is responsible for moderating the company's network. He or she must animate it so that people think well of the company. This is a long-term job, since he or she must forge the image of his or her employer or even create it through direct interaction with the community. It thus encourages exchange to promote communication, dialogue and sharing. The objective is to create links with followers so that they become or remain customers.

What are the roles of the community manager?

The community manager is the main executor of the company's digital strategy shaped by the social media manager. He is the central element of this action plan even if he is not the only one involved. To be clearer, he does not intervene at the same time as the social media manager because his task is focused on the execution part. Even if their roles are intertwined externally, the social media manager is at a higher hierarchical level (if you can call it that).

What are the tasks of the community manager?

The community manager's task is to: 

  • Animation of the community 

It invites subscribers to discuss a topic directly related to the company's field of activity, its services or products. It should stimulate them in such a way as to maximise their engagement;  

  • Creating engaging content

Through content marketing, mainly SEO, he will create attractive and engaging publications. He can use visuals or text, the important thing is to make brand content in line with the marketing strategy. He makes sure that each publication goes viral. They can use news stories or storytelling to create buzz, the right buzz. 

  • The implementation of the branding campaign

He works with the influencers selected by the social media manager to animate and moderate the professional account of his employer. He can also put his own name to the company's account to give it value in the eyes of the Web; 

  • Targeting prospects

The purpose of communication is to identify prospects, i.e. potential customers. The community manager is thus required to offer the company's products or services to every opportunity that arises. 

The missions and roles of the social media manager

The Social Media Manager or SMM has more strategic missions and roles on social networks. He or she is upstream of the community manager position. He is in charge of creating the company's brand image, its e-reputation and its notoriety. He must first prepare an action plan to promote the company. Then, he will implement it. He will also have to monitor the competition.

The role of the social media manager

The Internet is becoming an important recognition lever for companies, as are social networks. The social media manager must do everything possible to exploit them. His or her role is defined by the preparation, construction and management of the digital marketing strategy and of all digital communication. 

Thus, he must supervise and manage the community manager. Even though he may lead community management, he is not a community manager. Some companies leave these professions to one person.

The missions of the social media manager

In fact, the social media manager has only one mission: the implementation of the social network strategy. It comprises several branches and several stages, including social web, social media and social media. Thus, he is called upon to develop the entire marketing strategy to be deployed on social networks. He also takes care of the final evaluation and sets the performance criteria for the strategy. 

For digital communication to be fully effective, the social media manager is required to create and manage the Social Web. This is the entire web culture. As it is constantly evolving, he or she needs to be aware of the latest updates on Instagram or LinkedIn, for example. They need to be aware of changes in target behaviour. They evolve according to the updates or new features of social media.

In fact, he or she must be aware of everything that concerns the consumer and marketing on social networks. Therefore, he intervenes directly on the networks in the name and on behalf of the company. If he deems it necessary, he can request a presence of his company on all existing social media. He can decide that only Instagram and LinkedIn will be used. 

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