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Growth hacking is a digital strategy par excellence. A new marketing technique? Sometimes it's almost tempting to think it's a buzz. Even though it is a brand new field (or maybe not, since the term growth hacking was born in 2010), it is currently invading the entire internet universe. It can't be considered as a simple catchy phenomenon as it is a proven e-marketing technique. In fact, it concerns all the marketing processes intended to provide exponential growth for a given company, without it having to make a significant investment. It is designed to produce maximum results at minimum cost. What are the real results that can be expected from growth hacking? 

Growth hacking on social networks

Rapid growth of your business

Cost-effectiveness is one of the strong points of growth hacking. The aim is to find channels that are accessible, but effective. They also need to be affordable, even if they are not competitively priced. It allows for an unbelievable increase in power if you adopt it as part of your marketing strategy through social networks. It gives you the opportunity to have a real growth mindset. It does this by exposing you to new business models. It will also teach you new product ideas. Growth hacking focuses on various data-driven strategies. 

Among the more blatant examples of this rapid business growth through growth hacking is Airbnb, which started by analysing the needs of its customers. It essentially used Craiglist's user base to win customers. We can also talk about the social networking giant Facebook. He also deployed growth hacking techniques to expand his horizons. 

Setting up growth hacking for your business

In order to deploy such a strategy, you should first set clear objectives. It is necessary to understand your company's marketing needs. This may be a need to acquire traffic, convert prospects into customers or build loyalty. Once you have defined this objective, you need to determine if it is SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound). Whether it's Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter, the principles of growth hacking are pretty much the same.

What you need to know is that growth hacking is not a ready-made technique. It requires thought and a deep analysis of the needs of the target audience. Understanding your potential consumers is very important. The solutions proposed must therefore be personalised.  

Some growth hacking techniques to know to better situate it

There are various techniques that can be deployed in growth hacking, always depending on the case and the needs. 

  • Retargeting: also known as ad retargeting. This marketing technique offers the possibility of targeted advertising. This can include Google ads and other types of advertising. This method is recommended for converting visitors into customers. 
  • Anti-abandonment pop-ups: this is a window that appears when the visitor to your site was about to leave the page or when they are in the middle of consulting the content. Providing a surprise effect (promotion, promo code, etc.), it can often attract attention. 
  • Pop-ups: this is a pop-up window that can also be an advertisement. They can solicit visitors to sign up for a newsletter. 
  • A/B testing: is a marketing technique that compares a web page or application to see which performs better in order to see which can get more traffic, subscriptions or conversion rates. 
  • Social proof: This technique is based on psychological principles. When a person does not have a specific opinion, he or she will tend to follow the majority. Customer reviews and recommendations can therefore convert visitors into customers. 
  • Regularly updated content: this helps to generate interest, especially if it adds value. 

Optimised metrics

Deploying growth hacking allows you to benefit from optimised metrics. Performance metrics remain levers to better understand the user experience and subsequently improve it to achieve the desired results. Growth hacking techniques on social networks aim to optimise metrics to maximise a marketing objective. The goal of any marketing effort is indeed return on investment or increased revenue. A principle that is not really very far from those of social networks. 

Among these optimised metrics, there are indeed clicks, leads, visits, likes, etc. Free trials must be turned into subscriptions, visits into orders, followers into likes, etc. The work to be done is therefore to impose your presence on a daily basis. This will, among other things, provoke engagement with the subscribers and thus gain their trust. 

Understanding the algorithm of each social network will therefore be crucial. Proposing relevant content is also essential. You need to prioritise recent posts, target your audience, identify your prospects, generate qualified leads, etc. Automating your presence on social networks is one way to further accelerate your growth. In addition, some tasks can be time-consuming and cumbersome. 

A mastery of the different disciplines of digital marketing

Growth hacking is a complementary element to digital marketing. In fact, it allows you to have a good grasp of the different disciplines. It considers the concept of market-fit very closely. Indeed, it will mainly be a question of the suitability of the product for a given market. That said, unlike marketing, growth hacking works primarily for exponential growth in a very limited time. It is intended to increase sales more quickly, to have a maximum number of subscribers in a given period of time, to gain more subscribers, etc. 

Growth hacking can be deployed in various situations as part of your marketing strategy. It can be used to boost the growth of your company through various means. In particular, it can be used to : 

  • Optimise the conversion of your site,  
  • Targeting competitors' customers and possibly stealing them, 
  • Generate more leads (Acquisition, activation, retention, referral and revenue), 
  • Improve SEO (search engine optimization), 
  • Carry out natural referencing on social media platforms, etc. 

Growth hacking can be deployed via various channels, including social networks, content (blogging), SEO, e-mail marketing and others. 

A constant quest for efficiency, growth hacking can be a convoluted technique if you don't really master its concepts and different aspects. It can therefore be difficult for you to deploy it. In this case, you have the choice of calling on a specialised company to accompany you in this process. 

My Name Is Bond is a social network automation agency. It offers various solutions that can save you time, as some tasks are not very interesting to perform and can be automated. It accompanies professionals wishing to set up a growth hacking for their company. 

So, are you joining us?

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