What are the impacts of social networks on lead generation?

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On the Internet, there are now many methods for generating leads or prospects. You can use advertising, search engine optimisation or paid search to increase your brand awareness. You should not use only one channel for lead generation. You can also take advantage of social networks. How about using social media to generate leads? 

Social media impact on leads

Social networks: the new business market

By being present on social networks, you ensure a dynamic image for your company. You provide consumers with modern contact channels. This will help to increase the engagement of your audience. There are also other reasons for companies to turn to social networks. These channels are an opportunity for : 

  • Searching for potential customers: Social media are cheap and easy to use. In addition, it is easy to identify potential customers. The concept of word-of-mouth is important. Subscribers can recommend your brand.
  • Sell products: these platforms are perfectly suited to BtoB or BtoC commerce. You can use them to communicate directly with Internet users.
  • Advertise quickly and easily: Using a social networking platform such as Facebook or Twitter, you can easily promote your brand. Statistics show that 71% of consumers are willing to recommend a brand if they have had a positive experience on the product's networks. 
  • Keeping a strategic watch: to remain competitive, you need to be constantly informed about what is new and what your competitors are doing. Social networks are a great help in this respect.

Compared to the costs of traditional advertising channels (TV advertising, radio, etc.), social networks are more economical and reliable.

Social networks: easier prospect targeting

In the beginning, social networks were only dedicated to facilitate interpersonal communication. Now they are tools that are used to increase the customer portfolio. These channels allow you to target both private and business customers. By using social media, you can access quality information and interesting contacts. Social networks make it easy to target prospects. You just have to choose the right channel. 

Previously, LinkedIn and Viadeo were used entirely to connect recruiters and candidates. Nowadays, companies can use them to prospect for partnerships. Brands can use these networks to monitor their activities and to improve their own positioning. They are excellent levers for boosting business strategy.

More and more Internet users are expressing their needs through social networks. Sales representatives will be able to use this data to easily find out the interests of their prospects. They will have the essential information to establish an adapted commercial strategy. It will be easier to establish contact.

By using a network like Twitter, you can easily build lists of users according to the criteria you have established. You will have to do a market survey and then make contact. 

When developing your marketing strategy, you will need to choose carefully which communication channels to focus on. Make your choice according to your targets and the results you want to achieve.

Social networks: easily measurable campaigns

Get real-time results

When the marketing team undertakes advertising actions, they need to have an overview of the returns on the actions they have undertaken. This will help to improve and optimise investments. Social network advertising gives access to immediate results on advertising campaigns. It gives you access to different types of reports. You can then adjust your strategy as you go along, which is not the case with offline advertising. 

By running a campaign on social networks, you will quickly get quick statistics on the impact of your campaign. You will have data on your turnover and lead generation. In short, you will have access to different tools to access relevant indicators. 

Establish measurable objectives

Before setting any strategy, you will need to set up measurable objectives. Once you have the campaign data, you can analyse it and see if the objective was actually achieved. 

Prospects can be captured at different stages of their buying process. Once you have determined which stage of the sales process to target, you can establish your social media strategy. All you need to do is achieve your goals. You can set yourself the goal of :

  • Increase awareness: simply target subscribers who might be interested in your business. You can present your brand. 
  • Convince your prospects: use hashtags strategically on social networks. It will be easier to capture your prospects when they are looking for your products and services.
  • Generate sales: By integrating a Facebook or Instagram Shopping shop, you have the means to easily convert your followers into customers. They won't be forced to leave the platform.
  • Build customer loyalty: with the help of social networks, you will continue to interact with your customers.

Having well-defined objectives will make it more practical to determine what actions to take. You will have the means to maximise your efforts. Make sure you choose achievable and ambitious goals. This way you can push your strategies. 

For a marketing team, it is ideal to automate campaigns while maintaining or increasing their performance. For lead generation campaigns on social networks, you can use marketing automation software. These tools help to increase the growth potential of companies. If you want to choose the right automation software, My Name Is Bond can help you.  

So, are you joining us?

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