What is lead nurturing?

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Lead nurturing is a concept that is still little known to the general public, but which remains fundamental in digital strategy. In particular, it enables Internet users to be transformed into potential customers. To put it in better perspective, it is part of inbound marketing. The latter is based on a content creation strategy to acquire more visitors with the aim of converting them into customers.

Lead nurturing

A component of lead management

Lead nurturing can be literally translated as "lead incubation". When a company's marketing procedures for winning leads are not yet mature, it will need to reinforce them with this lead nurturing technique.

According to marketing glossaries, lead management is defined in several elements: 

  • It is considered as a procedure to optimise the marketing relationship with prospects, i.e. leads. 
  • It is mainly for BtoB, 
  • It is dedicated to the process of acquiring prospects, whether to acquire them or to keep them. 

In short, in order to understand lead nurturing, it must be seen as a marketing technique used to convince or solicit potential prospects. To do this, they must be convinced of the quality of the products or services being sold. Inbound marketing experts will therefore propose, for example, informative and relevant content before the purchase cycle so that the leads can become customers. 

Lead nurturing is part of lead management, if not one of its components. By lead management we mean lead management. It includes all aspects of lead management: lead generation, lead scoring and lead nurturing. These different steps have of course only one objective: to make the leads mature so that they are perfectly qualified and able to convert into customers. 

Lead generation is about finding the customer. It is based on many elements, including content marketing, telephone prospecting and participation in numerous events, such as webinars and trade fairs. Next comes lead scoring, which calculates the customer potential. It is not enough to have some information about the customer. Lead scoring makes it possible to accurately assess the value of the lead. Can they become a customer or not? And so on. This is where the concept of lead nurturing comes in. It is deployed to ensure the lead's contribution in the long term.

A marketing technique to turn prospects into customers

If you want to promote your brand or your activities, lead nurturing has become an indispensable method in our era. More specifically, it is a marketing technique to turn prospects into customers. Through lead nurturing, a marketing team will be able to generate qualified leads. These leads are more successful in maturing. 

However, before you can take advantage of the benefits of lead nurturing in your inbound marketing strategy, it is essential to have effective strategies in place. Among the advantages of lead nurturing that a company can take advantage of, we can mention the possibility of having direct contact right away. It will allow direct exchanges with the leads. Studies have shown that the first salesperson is able to close sales in about 50% of cases. Lead nurturing also positions the company that deploys it as a thought leader. Customers always prefer companies that they can trust. With this technique you can effectively show them your professionalism and that you are a leader in this field.

To reinforce the effectiveness of lead nurturing, it remains inseparable from marketing automation. By building stronger and more stable relationships with your contacts, it will help you turn your leads into customers. Once you have excellent communication with your leads, they will remember you and you will be able to increase your brand awareness. Your cold leads will easily convert into warm leads.  

A marketing technique to build customer loyalty

Since lead nurturing allows for permanent and continuous communication, it also allows for the retention of customers already acquired. In particular, customers need a consistent and constant exchange from a sales team that they consider competent. In this way, they will not hesitate to consume their products. This is undoubtedly one of the criteria that consumers impose on themselves when choosing a brand or a service. If you choose to deploy automated lead nurturing in your marketing strategies, it will be less complicated to convert leads into customers and to keep them. 

In order to retain your customers, lead nurturing also provides you with a better understanding of their interests and problems. This is particularly true of lead nurturing e-mails. They are one of the most effective ways of getting to know your leads better. In this way you can determine your position and the challenges you face. These elements allow you to find out which articles or services your leads are interested in, what they think of your services, etc. An angle that already puts you on the path to improvement. 

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