How to create a lead nurturing strategy?

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Lead nurturing is a marketing strategy that not only turns leads into customers, but also builds customer loyalty. With the rise of inbound marketing, it has even become essential. This is a delicate phase that deserves your full attention. Nevertheless, without being an expert, you can call on a professional to take care of it. However, we would like to present you with the different lead nurturing strategies so that you can get an idea of the steps to take for this project. A good lead nurturing strategy essentially involves 4 processes. You need to nurture (segmentation), identify, build a strong relationship and analyse.

Lead nurturing: strategy

Segmenting leads

In order to better target prospects, lead nurturing segmentation is an important step that should not be neglected. It essentially allows better targeting of prospects thanks to the possibility of sending them content adapted to their needs at the right time. 

Segmenting leads simply means that you will divide the prospects into different categories according to well-defined criteria. If you want your marketing campaign to be successful, this process is essential, especially in lead nurturing. As you segment your prospects, you can have more effective and relevant lead nurturing campaigns. That is, you will be able to send the right content to the prospect who really needs it at the right time.

To put it in perspective, when someone looks at your site, your products or your services, they don't buy for the simple reason that they don't have the money yet. Sometimes they don't really understand what you have to offer or they can't see the added value that sets you apart from your competitors. For some, they don't buy because it's just not the right time. With segmentation, you will make sure that your campaigns are relevant and can therefore best match the needs of each of your leads. 

You can essentially segment your database according to the :

  • Pre-defined personas, 
  • Types of offers, 
  • Stages of progression of your leads in their conversion journey. 

You can also consider starting the segmentation on the basis of scoring. This will make it easier to distinguish those with high potential. When segmenting, you should also take into account the dimensions required. 

Identify the most mature prospects

The point of segmentation is also to enable you to sort out the contacts. During the segmentation process, you should be able to identify which contacts you need to nurture, which you need to follow up and which you need to approach commercially. This process also allows you to identify your most mature prospects.

Identifying these more mature leads is a must if you really want to focus your efforts on the most effective sales methods. Indeed, determining the position of your leads in the conversion tunnel offers you the possibility to choose the most adapted techniques to be able to transform them into customers. 

In order to identify mature prospects, you need to qualify them through various strategies. You can use sales techniques such as BANT. Although it may seem too classic for some, it is possible to enhance it through lead nurturing. Other methods, such as renurturing or reactivating a prospect are also recommended. 

How do you identify your most mature prospects? You can look at their interactions: who responds to your newsletters, who downloads your documents, etc. 

Talk to prospects regularly

Qualified leads may not always be ready to buy, but this is not the time to give up yet, as there are many techniques to help you achieve your sales goals. There are many reasons why they may not be ready to buy. To find out and develop new strategies, you need to establish a dialogue with your prospects. To establish your reputation, you need to speak up and ensure continuity through authentic discussions. 

It is therefore not a question of bombarding your prospects with e-mails. You must find the right balance between your approach to them and the content you offer them. Your main objective is to identify the blocks that prevent them from making a purchase. You can do this, for example, by sending them welcome emails, thanking them for every action they take, etc.

Analyse the impact of the campaign

In order to understand the impact of your actions, you need to keep an eye on the results of your campaign. This will allow you to know whether your actions are successful or not. Among the elements that can give you clues, you can, for example, pay attention to unsubscription rates. You also have the conversion rates, the percentage of clicks, etc. These are details that immediately show you hot (interested) prospects, lukewarm (potential) prospects or cold (potential without having taken any action) prospects. 

Once these analyses are done, you need to develop other solutions that are more efficient and that would also facilitate this task, such as marketing automation. 

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