The 5 best tools for automating social networks

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Over the years, social networks have become an excellent advertising tool. They are indispensable elements since they allow for better visibility. In order to optimise the management of their social networks, companies resort to specific tools. Here is an overview of the best tools available on the market. 

Top 5 tools for automation

1. SociallyMap

Whether you have a small business or are self-employed, Sociallymap helps you to develop your image on the web easily and quickly. You will be able to entrust it with the information on your personal or company profiles. You will have the time you need to focus on high value-added tasks. This tool helps you to animate your social media in an efficient way.

Sociallymap is a software perfectly suited for automated marketing. It offers you the possibility to :

  • See the evolution of the number of subscribers and subscriptions ; 
  • View the number of tweets per week, per month, per quarter, per semester;
  • Have visibility on the rank of your Twitter account; 
  • Forecast the number of subscribers after 15 days, etc. 

2. Buffer

Looking for a tool with a modern interface to publish your content on social networks? Use a tool like Buffer. It can act on social platforms such as : 

  • Facebook ;
  • LinkedIn ;
  • Twitter ;
  • Google ;
  • Pinterest.

This social network management application allows you to schedule posts and facilitate the management of social media accounts. On this tool, you will be able to create individual and business accounts. Regardless of the type of account you create, you will be able to track engagement statistics like shares, favorites, comments, etc. The application allows you to perform different tasks with little effort. It will be more convenient to publish content on multiple social networks.

Buffer is a great tool for teams. It can accommodate up to 26 people in total on a single account. You can get an idea of the benefits of the application with the free trial. This application gives you access to a free image creation tool. You will be able to create attractive images for your publications.

Buffer offers many advantages. Indeed, this application : 

  • Is offered at a reasonable price; 
  • Offers an analysis filter: the filter allows the analysis to be sorted by type of publication (image, video), by date and by popularity. The resulting data can be downloaded. It can be used to analyse your performance.
  • Allows content to be reviewed: the publication written by one individual can be reviewed by another member of the team.  

It should be noted that Buffer does not offer a calendar view and suggestion. This application does not have a social inbox or social listening feature.

3. Hootsuite

It is a tool that is offered free of charge for users of Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. It stands out thanks to its ergonomic interface. It offers you the possibility to follow all your social networks. This application allows you to empower and schedule your channels, track your statistics, automatically schedule your posts, etc.

The main advantages

With this social network management application, you can manage up to 35 social network platforms. To see the evolution of the activities on your social networks, you just have to use its multifunctional dashboard. This tool allows you to upload a file, schedule hundreds of posts and publish them at any time.

By opting for Hootsuite : 

  • You get a free 30-day trial; 
  • You will become a multi-manager by managing all your social networks with one tool; 
  • You will have access to an analysis tool: you can see the statistics of all your social networks: 
  • You will be able to manage multiple YouTube accounts with the dashboard and schedule posts.

The main disadvantages

Hootsuite's user interface is rather outdated. It is not constantly updated. Its post-editing options are quite limited. It is difficult to make certain changes. Once scheduled, posts cannot be put into drafts.

4. Agorapulse

In terms of usage, this social network manager offers much the same as its competitors. It allows you to publish and schedule content. The duration of its free trial is 28 days. 

This tool gives you the ability to recycle content continuously, which is not the case with all social media management software. With the inbox assistant, you can create rules to manage messages automatically.

It should be noted that Agorapulse has neither a media library nor an image library. It does not allow you to boost Facebook posts or customise reports. Compared to other tools, the cost of this software is quite expensive.

5. Later

In its early days, this tool was only suitable for publishing on Instagram. But over time, this platform has undergone renovations. It can now be used on the other main social networks. With Later, you have the possibility to follow your posts and make original marketing campaigns.

The interface of this tool is quite complete. It is available in the form of a calendar. This application facilitates the planning and publication of all types of content: photos, videos and stories. It also allows you to track the performance of your publications. Later has many interesting features. This social network manager allows you to add captions, customise posts, put more trackable links, etc.

Each social network management tool has its own specificities. Before opting for a particular management software, seek the advice of a professional like My Name Is Bond. They will help you identify your needs and clarify your objectives. The team will help you choose the right tool for managing your social networks.

So, are you joining us?

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