The benefits of marketing automation

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Marketing plays an essential role in a company. It makes it easier to achieve objectives if the strategy is right. It also depends on the experience and know-how of the marketer. In this section, we will tell you about the many advantages of marketing automation.

Marketing automation: benefits

Time saving

Marketing automation consists of fully automated processes. The main objective of this system is to use all the techniques for triggering a campaign and messages in an automatic way. In other words, it does not require any human intervention. Everything related to campaign management, email marketing, leads and customers is handled by marketing automation.

Its first advantage is therefore the saving of time. In fact, this strategy uses automation to guide a lead automatically without the direct intervention of a person. In particular, it allows you to analyse the consumer's behaviour in order to adapt to their actions. Thanks to this strategy, your marketing team can concentrate on other tasks that cannot be attributed to automation. Marketing automation also allows you to structure your strategy better.

Reduction of sales cycles

Customer habits in today's market are not what they used to be for decision makers. In the past, it was enough to simply contact them and provide them with well-prepared product proposals. Today, everything has changed, they have different needs and more demanding expectations. Purchasing is now a matter of personal reflection. So, before buying, they will first inform themselves, find solutions and make comparisons, all without any contact with a marketer.

Marketing automation will therefore enter into these different stages pursued by decision makers. However, everything is done without your prospect really being aware that they are dealing with your marketing department. This system will accompany your future customer in his research and his reflection. It will provide them with all the information they need to make a purchase. This tool is therefore an excellent way to reduce the sales cycle. This strategy allows you to qualify your leads more easily with lead scoring. It is also possible to optimise your leads with lead nurturing.

Multi-channel marketing

Marketing automation is the best and easiest way to find the public directly at home. After all, leads are to be found just about everywhere. So you need to be present on all fronts. With this marketing automation strategy, it is easier for your company to go where the prospects are. And thanks to this multi-channel system, your leads can be contacted via a wide range of channels. At the same time, they will also be able to contact you via the channel that suits them.

  • Emails are still a very good way to strengthen your relationship with your leads. You can therefore create and send them to have a better follow-up of their behaviour.
  • SMS is also at the forefront. You can send short, personalised and relevant messages to enhance your campaign.
  • Nowadays, social networks represent enormous potential for the marketing of a company. It is therefore entirely possible to use them to increase the visibility of your brand.

Customisation of communications

With marketing automation, you have the possibility to know the profile of your prospects more easily. This makes it possible to divide your contacts into different segments and use personalised communication systems. This will give you even better results. Indeed, in order for the content sent to be as personalised as possible, it is very important to have as much information as possible about your audience.  

The marketing automation strategy also allows you to define criteria in your database. As soon as the profile of a newcomer corresponds to the various conditions you have defined in advance, the automatic marketing scenario is put into action. In addition, there is also dynamic content that allows for advanced personalisation. You have two options at your disposal: substituting variables and inserting content.

Better lead management

Marketing automation is also an effective system for generating and managing leads. It is most often used in B2B exchanges. However, it is also perfectly suited for certain B2C campaigns. In addition, this automated marketing strategy is also associated with an inbound marketing technique.

In a more concrete way, marketing automation helps in the creation, organisation and promotion of your content and events. It also allows you to optimise the generation of the leads that your content brings through the landing pages. This strategy contributes to the qualification and sorting of the leads you have generated. This involves lead scoring, which allows you to manage your priorities and better adapt your sales approach to your targets. Lastly, lead management, i.e. the exploitation and maintenance of the relationship that you have established with your prospects. 

Marketing automation offers you many possibilities and benefits. All you have to do is find a good platform that allows you to take full advantage of these many benefits. My Name is Bond is a leader in this field. With this platform, you will have no trouble discovering all the advantages of automated marketing.

So, are you joining us?

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