How to define a marketing automation strategy?

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More and more companies are adopting marketing automation because of its effectiveness in advertising. Content, visuals, links... all are used to reduce the sales cycle. In addition to the definition of the objectives, it is also necessary to note the share of each team and the tools chosen to achieve them.

Marketing automation : Strategy

Define the objectives of the campaign

Marketing automation is about automating time-consuming tasks to shorten the cycle of a marketing project and guarantee its effects. Defining a marketing automation strategy thus means determining all the steps that should facilitate the conversion of prospects into customers. All time-consuming activities are therefore taken over by bots, for example, to save time. In fact, all the necessary techniques and tools will be used in this sense. 

Automated marketing avoids repetition of tasks and quickly reaches sales targets. Email campaigns, newsletters and electronic communications are the first to be affected. Next comes inbound marketing or lead acquisition, various CRMs and customer management. Finally, there is customer management, from prospecting to scoring. 

It is important to know that the objectives of a marketing automation campaign always focus on ROI optimisation. Leads are used to generate sales and ideally to practice personalised marketing. 

Optimising your content strategy

The objectives of marketing automation are : 

  • generation of qualified leads,
  • the synchronisation of marketing and sales techniques,
  • Improving customer relations, including prospecting messages,
  • improving the experience, 
  • the integration of personalised actions for each client,
  • Completion of internal databases.

Everything is based on a good content strategy, attractive and engaging content that can change customer behaviour. The aim is to sell easily through targeted content adapted to each type of customer. At the end of the chain, a content audit must also be carried out, i.e. an analysis of their effectiveness.

By content, we mean all websites, blog posts, visuals such as photos, GIFs or videos in all available formats. However, they must be chosen according to the buyer persona or target. The type of customer, whether they are a company or an individual, a new customer or a loyal customer, also comes into play. Finally, the offer should be adapted to each customer. 

Implementing an inbound marketing strategy

Implementing an effective inbound marketing strategy is the challenge for any business. It is not simply a matter of generating sales with some kind of advertising. It is about attracting the attention of targets, converting them and inviting them to remain customers. So it's all about customer loyalty. The only thing is that the programme must encourage the customer to come to the company and not the other way round. And it works!

This is why inbound marketing is considered a key step in marketing automation. In practice, you will create and distribute quality and original content on modern advertising channels. All exchange tools, from mailboxes to social networks, are involved; as are SEO tools. 

Note that traditional channels (TV, radio or newspapers) are part of outbound marketing strategies. You will use new media to share your products with your customers. They will still be needed for communication, customer support and data collection later on. 

Involve all teams

Targets, activities and risks need to be well considered for a successful marketing automation strategy. Each team in the marketing department should be given a well-defined task and a specific objective. Together they form one body, which is dedicated to common goals.  

But no matter how good your leads and products are, they will be worthless if all the sales teams don't work with the marketing teams. Isn't it the same team? No. The sales team is close to the customers while the marketing team is focused on management and project preparation. 

In other words, the marketing automation brain must be linked to the executors. The collaboration must be very effective in the sense that the sales part is well synchronised with the central part. This is the involvement of the marketing department and the sales department. 

Using the right tools

Customer interface, sales summary, analysis of results... The best tools should include all the necessary steps to implement a marketing automation strategy. Some are very famous for their quality. The important thing is to use the right tools like ProspectIn, Podawaa or Hootsuite and to use them correctly. They must be reliable and durable. Their functionalities must meet the need for ease in automated marketing.   

Alternatively, you can always ask for external help and hire a marketing automation professional, i.e. a web agency. This alternative has several advantages, if not the ease. All you have to do is specify your needs, your objectives and your projects and the agency will take care of everything. This is recommended, especially if you are new to the field. 

My Name is Bond is a specialist agency in this field. They will be happy to help you achieve your goals quickly and in line with your automated business strategy. 

So, are you joining us?

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