The differences between mass following and subscriber buying

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Developing an online business can be a real struggle. It takes a lot of time, effort and even money. This is why more and more brands and companies are resorting to mass following, which is quite different from the technique of buying subscribers. 

Mass following and buying followers

Mass following: short-term marketing strategy complementary to growth hacking

Web marketing includes several strategies and techniques that allow you to develop your business very quickly. Many start-ups use some of these methods for their development, including the technique of "growth hacking". This is a webmarketing strategy that combines hacking techniques to optimise the growth of a company or brand. This strategy aims at strong growth through methods that deviate from the normal system. This approach is not always legal, but it is done within the limits of what is allowed on the web.

Growth hacking uses techniques such as mass following to boost visibility. This is a method of artificially increasing an audience. You need to know that the notoriety of an account, whether on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, depends on its number of followers. In this case, the more followers your professional account has, the more visibility you gain and the more credibility you'll have in the eyes of your community of subscribers. Mass following consists of following accounts en masse in the hope that they will in turn subscribe to your account. 

Mass following: a strategy to encourage follow back

The principle of mass following is to subscribe to several accounts at the same time in order to be followed in return. This is called follow back. This practice translates into the fact of following a profile that has followed yours. The aim is to thank them and to return a sign of politeness. This is the principle of reciprocity. The follow back is in a way the fruit of mass following, which is very much used and much more efficient and reliable than buying followers. The very functioning of social network algorithms almost requires its use. 

If you subscribe to hundreds of accounts every day, you're sure toget more followers. This practice of mass following is effective, but time-consuming. There are now automated follow-back methods based on the grey-hat approach, the aim of which is to increase the number of followers. This involves setting up automatic routines managed by bots that follow hundreds of profiles every day. In this way, the number of followers increases continuously and drastically. Although this technique is prohibited by certain social platforms, it is nonetheless effective. Provided, of course, that you take great care.  

Buying followers: to have an artificial community

It takes a lot of time and energy to develop a community around a brand or company on social networks. That's why many companies are tempted tobuy followers or likes. It's an easy approach that seems to be a quick and cost-effective solution. Among other things, it creates an artificial community. 

When buying followers, the first thing you need to remember is that the vast majority of your new followers are just bots and ghost accounts. They don't really exist and are mostly inactive. In general, they don't add any value to your posts, as they only add to your list of followers. 

This artificial community is very quickly noticed if you are not careful. The risk is enormous compared to the low value that these fake followers can bring you. Moreover, this practice is forbidden by most social networks. Thanks to the algorithms of the social networks, which are constantly innovating, these fake accounts will be detected and then deleted. Thus, you risk finding yourself overnight deluged by several hundred fake followers. 

Buying followers: a strategy that does not reflect awareness

The number of followers on social networks reflects the awareness of your brand or company. Indeed, if you have several thousand followers, it means that your customers are satisfied with your offer. You will gain credibility in the eyes of other users who will be tempted to follow you. However, this satisfaction cannot be measured on fake followers. This strategy will have no impact on your reputation, since the accounts that follow you are not even real. 

With this kind of approach, the fake subscribers available to you are usually inactive. Inactive accounts cannot increase your visibility because they are not real people. On the contrary, you will be seen as a cheat and you risk losing money and damaging your brand image. What's more, fake accounts are easily noticed and your real subscribers may see fake accounts on your subscriber list. 

By buying subscribers, you risk :

  • shoot up your engagement rate,
  • lose your credibility in a hurry,
  • get into a vicious circle,
  • discover the shadowban.

Mass following and subscriber buying are based on the same principle. The only difference lies in the nature of the followers. Mass following works by subscribing to real accounts, while the other is fed by fake ones. A difference that My Name Is Bond has made clear to you so that you can act with caution.

So, are you joining us?

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