The benefits of automated prospecting

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Thanks to the digital evolution, sales and marketing teams have many options to get in touch with prospects. They have access to different alternatives for prospecting. It is possible to find customers by calling on the phone, sending emails, filling in forms, etc. While some of these methods are still used today, brands can choose other alternatives. They can opt for automated prospecting. What are the main advantages of this practice? 

Automated prospecting: benefits

Time saving

The biggest advantage with automation is the ability to save time. Marketing and sales teams can use it to set up different scenarios. Once this is done, the automation should be carried out. With this process, sales people can focus on "hot" or "mature" leads. All they have to do is to promote their transformation. 

For less "mature" leads, teams will be able to send them messages at the right time. 

Thanks to automated prospecting, the employees concerned will : 

  • Save more time; 
  • Increase their productivity; 
  • To be able to link business information to the right place; 
  • Be more commercially effective.

Successful B2B prospecting requires the gathering of customer and prospect data. With automated prospecting, essential information will be available to all company employees, such as sales reps. The savings achieved through automation can be seen over time.

Low investment

An interesting investment

With automated prospecting, it's more practical to use "smart list" segmentation. The list of prospects can be established on the basis of the customer's identity, their relationship to the purchase and their behavior on your site. Compared to the benefits it brings, automated prospecting requires little investment. It also offers the possibility of cross-selling.

With automated prospecting, it is possible to collect information about customers throughout the life of the company. This data can be used for statistical purposes as well as for purchase predictions. 

The biggest advantage with automated prospecting is that the ROI of your customer actions and leads will improve. This is because the strategies were based on collected data and not on intuition. 

An investment to reduce manual tasks

It is important to note that salespeople spend much more time collecting information about prospects than they do meeting with potential customers. Instead of using their time to sell the company's products or services, they are forced to perform tedious tasks. Indeed, the classic method of prospecting consists of : 

  • Collecting business information ; 
  • Make a case study of each prospect;
  • Enter the resulting information into commercial software. 

With automated prospecting, sales reps have access to high-performance tools for automating essential tasks. Software can take care of repetitive actions and other high value-added actions. Instead of focusing on manual tasks, marketing and sales teams can concentrate on other customer-oriented actions.

On the market, there are various tools that allow you to automate and optimise recurring actions. Even if automated prospecting represents a significant cost, it will enable real savings to be made.

An effective technique

Thanks to automated prospecting, the teams involved will gain in performance. Sales and marketing teams will no longer be in constant conflict. 

With automated prospecting, it is possible to do prospecting without interruption. With specific software it is possible to make better use of the time and resources available. Automated prospecting runs without interruption. Leads can come to your platform at any time of the day or night. It is more convenient to identify, qualify and nurture leads. 

With automated prospecting, sales teams will be able to spend more time in the field. They'll be able to work on product, training or service creation. They'll be able to focus on their core business. By using reliable IT tools in sales strategy, it's easier to determine the actions to be taken. The teams concerned will be able to increase their chances of turning a prospect into a loyal customer. They'll be able to work in better conditions.

High ROI

To measure the ROI or Return on Investment, different criteria should be taken into account. Some of these criteria are specific to the company. With an automated solution, it is common : 

  • To see an increase in a company's turnover; 
  • To see a more consistent and regular number of business meetings; 
  • To benefit from a better qualification of prospects.

With automation, it is easier to access business, accounting and administrative information. 

The mission of the marketing and sales teams is to increase your company's sales. By using reliable information tools in your sales strategy, you can easily determine the actions to be taken. With automated prospecting, prospecting is done in the best possible conditions. You'll have all the information you need to turn prospects into loyal customers. Would you like to use an automated prospecting tool for your business? Don't hesitate to visit My Name Is Bond. 

So, are you joining us?

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