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Thanks to marketing automation, it is possible to automate various marketing actions related to prospecting and contact qualification. Do you need to qualify and convert your leads or prospects into customers? Social media automation can help you do this. What do you need to know about this strategy?

About social media automation

Automation of recurring tasks

What is social media automation?

Social media automation plays an important role in the marketing team. It allows you to automate actions that generate traffic. It offers the possibility to acquire leads and create value.

For the implementation of this strategy, it is necessary to use IT tools to establish automated actions. Thus, the actions will be applied more quickly. When well executed, they can generate traffic to a website. By evaluating the behaviour of visitors, you will obtain different information such as the time used on the site, the pages visited, etc. 

With the data obtained from your website, you can easily contact your customers. You will have the information you need to offer products that meet their expectations.

What are the effects of social media automation on social networks?

It takes some time to find the necessary actions to apply on social networks. The community manager's task is to .

  • Animate the community on the various social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.  
  • To respond to requests; 
  • Broadcast different content on different channels, etc. 

The execution of these tasks is time-consuming. To do them, you need the right tools. You will have the essential keys to become as efficient as possible.

Bots for specific missions

Bots are increasingly used in marketing. These are software programs that are programmed to perform actions autonomously. Once time-consuming actions have been automated, the risk of human error is minimised. 

The advantage with bots is that they are relatively affordable. They are also easy to program. In a marketing strategy, bots allow : 

  • Promote interaction with visitors: the most commonly used bots on websites are chatbots. When users visit a platform, they can easily find out about products and services by asking questions. The chatbot allows for a live and personalised conversation with prospects. 
  • Qualify leads: thanks to a bot, you can program your bot to detect the stage of the conversion tunnel in which the caller is located. You will be able to redirect users to more interesting and relevant content on the site. It will be more convenient to do lead qualification work.

For a bot to perform well, you need to follow basic common sense rules. If you are using a chatbot to engage in conversation with your site visitors, make sure the bot sounds like a human being. Make sure that messages and questions are consistent with your brand language. You can even give the bot your brand name and a profile picture.

A technique to boost traffic and improve prospecting

To mark your presence on social networks, you will need to publish different content. This will help feed your traffic and your marketing automation. 

For a brand, it is imperative to be present on different social platforms. It is then necessary to be connected on each of these platforms. A web presence is not enough. It is necessary to establish a real content strategy. This will allow you to gain visibility among your subscribers. Managing communities simultaneously requires real commitment and time. With a marketing automation platform, it is easier to manage different channels automatically. 

For social media automation to be effective, a good strategy must be applied. To do this, you will need to : 

  • Create and publish content and campaigns; 
  • Follow the comments ; 
  • Reply to private messages ;
  • Analyse the impact of publications and reporting;
  • Track leads generated on each social network. 

Social media automation allows you to act on your prospects as soon as they enter your conversion tunnel. You have the possibility of carrying out an automated action as soon as the user arrives on the site. With marketing automation, you can make use of numerous trackers. These allow you to detect which pages have been visited and which content is interesting. 

Do you tend to automatically publish your content on social networks and schedule its promotion? This is already an automated marketing approach. This approach ensures that prospects are captured and turned into leads when they visit your site. Some users may end up on your site because they have seen a publication on your social network. 

From the moment they click on the publication and land on your website, they become part of your conversion tunnel. You can encourage them to take further actions, such as signing up for a newsletter, to turn them into a lead. 

Social media automation helps to optimise the communication strategy on social networks. It allows you to automate publications and to publish them at specific times studied in advance. If you need to set up your social media strategy and would like to be accompanied, contact My Name Is Bond.

So, are you joining us?

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