How do social media bots work?

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Social media is a world of its own where the reactions of others are of paramount importance. For businesses, this is especially true given the issues of publicity, responsiveness and follow-up. This is where social media bots come in - bots that help you quickly gain popularity on social networks. How do they work? 

Social media bot

Automation of publications

Social media bots also allow you to :

  • quickly popularise a page or profile: this is done automatically and even artificially, but the account in question will be very famous very quickly. It will have thousands or even millions of followers in a few days; 
  • comment on publications: to make the post seem famous and interesting to the targets;
  • facilitate phishing: i.e. to hack into accounts. On social networks, phishing aims to gain fake followers so that real targets will subscribe.

Social networking bots are mainly used for posting. Indeed, a professional profile must be updated regularly. A company's page should, for example, offer interactive posts, competitions or messages to be shared. With a bot, this can be done without the help of a human. All you have to do is pre-record future posts and let the bot publish them. 

Many believe that these types of robots are harmful to humans as they distort trends and can be used for dishonest purposes. In the context of an advertising campaign, they can be a real game-changer as people are attracted to what is popular. They amplify the publication so that it seems very popular. This attracts people's curiosity. 

Bots therefore take care of making publications popular, with false reactions and can mislead people. They will automatically subscribe to or like the post because no one wants to be late. These bots still send them with equal frequency, which is all the more appealing. 

Automation of messaging

Bots on social media are also used to spam the email accounts of marketing targets. They send personalised messages, or messages that appear to be so, to attract people. The aim is to convince people to subscribe, but above all to encourage them to buy. Conversion is the ultimate goal. This is also how spam is born, these typically commercial emails and messages that often fill our mailboxes.

Thus, social networking bots are used as advertising tools. Some are illegal, others are completely legal. The important thing is to respect the law, how they are used and how they work. Like publications, you can prepare the basic message. It is up to the bot to broadcast it afterwards. This will be done in a totally automated way. Each target, which you have chosen in advance, will then receive an individual message.

As a reminder, the objective is to engage the target, to push him to buy, to become a customer. And the technique works because every message is engaging. The offer, for example, is attractive and you can't tell that it's a robot that has offered it to you. This is true when it comes to email prospecting only.  

There are also interaction issues. Some marketplaces on Facebook, for example, use robots to take orders. The discussion is therefore directed. This does not necessarily harm the company's image. In this type of case, it is even practical because the entire sales and order-taking chain is fully automated.    

Marketing campaign automation

Marketing campaigns on social networks include both publications and private messages. This is because you need to hit hard and reach as many people as possible. Prospecting via social media bots is recommended because it avoids repetitive tasks. Everything that is time-consuming is avoided. You will have time to answer questions because the robot takes care of the distribution. It is therefore a question of productivity. 

In fact, bots are used to automate marketing. Some actions are left to them, such as collecting data, creating leads, sending messages, etc. The community manager will be given more "human" tasks, when the customer is looking to talk to someone. The community manager will be assigned more "human" tasks, when the customer is looking to talk to someone. He or she will have to create the first message or the framework to be followed for this or that type of customer. But it is the bot that will send it. 

This is called customer relations. This is the final stage of prospecting. The first step is to gain new subscribers and grow your online community. All marketing campaigns start here. Every means is used to attract people, to get them interested in the products, and then in the company. 

In practice, you will be faced with the bot as soon as you enter a professional profile. It will direct you to the publications to see and to "like". It suggests the contact page, photos to download, products to buy according to your reactions. You will even be offered appointments or premium content. 

My Name Is Bond allows you to find the best social media bot for your business. You can lighten the load on social networks while remaining active. You will gain popularity and new followers. You can even interact with your followers without actually being present. 

So, are you joining us?

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