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Social networks have become fundamental, whether for a start-up, an influencer or a company already listed on the stock exchange. In the digital age, e-reputation is of paramount importance in order to develop one's services and sell one's products. It is not easy to maintain a good reputation on the web. This is why it is essential to deploy effective and reliable techniques, particularly in terms of exploiting social networks. The latter are indeed real vectors of e-reputation. My Name Is Bond, a company specialising in social media marketing, can help you with this project. Discover the impact and the reasons for its services. 

Social media automation services

Services to develop your brand awareness

In all communication systems, whether for a company or an individual, social networks are now indispensable. The reason is simple. It allows to reach more people compared to traditional media. Indeed, the marketing strategies deployed on social networks allow to take advantage of optimal results compared to these more traditional forms of advertising. On social networks, there is a greater proximity between the provider and the consumers. Communication is also easier. However, despite this accessibility of media platforms, it is not easy to stand out. It is essential to deploy specific strategies. How and where to turn? 

Brand awareness is the way a consumer views the brand or its products. The more you build brand or company awareness, the more easily you will be recognised through your logo and the messages you convey. In short, it can be defined as a set of information aimed at consumers to show them the strengths of a brand or its products, and all that it has to offer. 

Digital marketing is one of the techniques you can use to improve your brand awareness. But you have to know how to do it. There are several ways to do this. You can, for example, : 

  • Talking about your brand and products in blogs, 
  • Designing customised and attractive infographics, 
  • Optimise your SEO with keywords that target the intent of your potential consumers, 
  • Set up a sponsorship programme, 
  • Strengthen your presence on social networks as much as possible. 

The Bond agency offers services to develop the reputation of your company or the product you wish to sell. It works mainly on the latter lever, which consists of maximising its presence on social media platforms. It focuses mainly on marketing automation. More specifically, it is about the automation of marketing campaigns. This includes, for example, sending emails, automating likes and Tweets, etc. 

This marketing strategy also includes other procedures, namely 

  • Segmentation of leads, 
  • Lead scoring, 
  • And lead nurturing. 

Services to increase your community on social networks

Communication posted on social networks is more than important. To be successful, its content must be relevant and reflect the brand image that you wish to impose. It is one of the most important elements of a marketing strategy aimed at improving your e-reputation. It is an element that allows you to quickly establish a relationship of trust with consumers. It is therefore important that the message conveyed is creative and has weight. The more innovative the content, the better. 

The My Name Is Bond agency offers secure bots capable of growing your communities on your social networks. They work to passively generate leads and automate all processes on your social networks. This approach is essentially aimed at increasing the community of the social network concerned. It develops an innovative method that stays on top of the new action limits of each social network. 

Different brands have different ways of deploying social networks to achieve this objective of increasing awareness. Among the platforms most used by companies are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. But we should not forget Instagram, which has started to take up more and more space. 

From a more technical point of view, to succeed in imposing their reputation on social networks, a company must first ask what it is doing on these platforms. Either it is deploying them to sell a product or to improve the relationship it has with its customers. Once this is understood, it must also place the customer at the heart of its strategy. On social networks, it is particularly easy to interact with customers. It is therefore necessary to be open to their needs, attentive to their requests, to listen, to communicate, etc.

Also very important is to focus on quality content, something that could differentiate the company from another. 

Services to convert your subscribers into qualified leads

Generating leads is a term we hear more and more. But what is a lead in reality? A lead represents a person or a company in a database. It can have different qualifications depending on the role it plays. Even if we only have an e-mail address for the person or company, we can already qualify it as a lead. To put it simply, a lead means contact. However, we must be careful not to confuse it with a prospect. To differentiate them in a less complex way, prospects are commercially qualified leads (SQL or Sales Qualified Lead). This means that a contact has already been made with a prospect, which may not be the case with a lead. To better understand, leads come just after visitors. After that, there are MQLs, SQLs, opportunities and finally customers. 

In order to generate qualified leads automatically, various strategies should be put in place. Essentially, you need to define your objectives, determine the profile of your targets and study their behaviour on the web. You also need to monitor the competition and identify the best channel. This is a more or less complex and time-consuming task. Time that you don't often have in the context of business development. 

Lead generation contributes to the growth of a business. This can be done in a number of ways, including increasing the number of customers, the amount of money customers pay and the frequency of their purchases. My Name Is Bond works to convert your subscribers into qualified leads and achieve this growth objective. This expert marketing automation agency puts its know-how at your service to impose the reliability of automation. It accompanies you in the best practices on each social network. It will be there to monitor the limits of action authorised by each of them. The solutions proposed by Bond are highly targeted. It will enable you to acquire a highly committed community. Its team is available and you can easily call on them if you have any concerns. 

My Name Is Bond is the expert social media marketing agency to hire if you want to make the most of your social networks and develop a great brand image. By exponentially increasing your social media community and converting your followers into qualified leads, it can help you maximise your visibility.

So, are you joining us?

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