How to improve your e-reputation?

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Online reputation is the guarantee of a company's performance and the sustainability of its activities. Indeed, everything is played out on the Web today. To be successful, you need to maintain your brand image. However, it is necessary to manage it correctly, restore it or improve it. How can you do this? 

Improving your e-reputation: 4 best practices

Sharing and relaying subscribers' content

Sharing your subscribers' content shows how involved you are in their lives and how important they are to you. Even if it's just business, you should be able to maintain a Win Win relationship with them. Why? Because they are the real engine of your business, they are your main audience and your customers. They can improve your image in a single day or damage it in a few minutes. Yes, the internet can do everything in a few minutes. 

By relaying your followers' tweets, posts or videos on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, you also get closer to them. You give them the chance to be as visible as you are. This should be done even if they are not all influencers. It is even recommended to share interesting content from complete strangers in order to achieve a quality marketing coup. 

In other words, you should create a more human and intimate relationship with your subscribers by taking an interest in them. And this is the easiest and most effective way possible. You return the favour politely. You even give them another reason to follow you, to buy from you, to recommend you and to be satisfied with your company. This is how customer relations are formed.

Taking into account the views of the community

Your community is not a machine. It is made up of 100% humans, people who always have something to say about your products, your services, your relationship, your company. To improve your e-reputation, you should take their opinions into account. They post them in comments or send them by email, private messaging on social networks or on review sites. You should therefore check them and use them.

Even if the practice is more difficult, the theory should guide you in the process. Your social media manager or community manager or social media bot should collect this data. They should read and record queries, remarks and reviews, both positive and negative. You should then improve your marketing strategy, products and services accordingly. 

It may be a better telephone support, a production problem, the choice of basic materials for your items, etc. You may also receive simple recommendations. Note that everything should fit into your suggestion box. Everything should be to your advantage and used in a way that ensures your brand image. If it has been damaged, the problems and solutions should help you to put it right. And quickly!

Creating quality content

Content is the basis of communication, but also of your web marketing strategy. This is true every time you create content, i.e. every time you publish on your site. The same applies when you publish on a partner site, on social networks or when you reply to a comment or a message. Pay attention to quality too, because it shows your professionalism and gives a positive or negative image of your company.

Your content therefore :

  • If it is well cared for, you should already have good traffic; 
  • if it is relevant, you should get bounces, shares for example, and good comments; 
  • if it is interesting, it should add some stars to your table; 
  • If it is well detailed, it helps to transfer a good representation of your company to your audience. 

Whether it's hashtags, GIFs, videos, blogs... everything must be optimised so that people want to follow you, share you and subscribe to you (account, site, Vlog, etc.). Your referencing must also be solid: SEO, SEA, SMO, SMA, etc. This is an essential quality criterion on the net. 

Interacting with the community

Do you have a network on social networks or subscribers on your website? Good for you. The only thing left to do is to interact with them. This should be done naturally because humans are born to live in community. This primary need is felt even if the exchanges are done entirely online. Your presence on the net should also benefit you. So why not optimise your chances by working with your community? Working with your community? Yes. 

In fact, every comment you reply to, every feedback you send, every message you send and every reaction you get is an interaction. You should be so close to your followers that you don't miss any of their posts, opinions and messages. Only then can you respond to their needs, expectations and questions. So make your professional profile a place of warm exchange where it feels good to... react. 

The Internet is the ideal place to build your reputation. To improve it, you should still use the Internet and several tricks borrowed from network marketing. This is the way to create an effective relationship of trust with your community. If you need help, don't hesitate to ask for advice from a professional: My Name is Bond. 

So, are you joining us?

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