What is marketing automation?

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Marketing automation makes it easier to increase the visibility of your company. It works by the principle of automation of marketing campaigns. Respecting several predefined conditions, it will be based on preconceived scenarios that will be defined according to user behaviour. For example, we talk about marketing automation when it comes to generating leads and automating prospecting. If you call on the services of My Name Is Bond, the reference in marketing automation, you can benefit from tailor-made support. Here are some of the advantages you can benefit from after the intervention of its team.

Marketing automation: definition

Marketing automation: automation of marketing campaigns

Marketing campaigns are the ultimate way for a company to contact and communicate with consumers or potential customers. They are designed to convey the company's visual identity, values and style. They bring together actions designed to achieve a pre-established objective. Either they aim to promote products or a new service, or to obtain customer feedback. 

These marketing campaigns : 

  • Focus only on targeted customers by segmentation. 
  • Have a reach, whether local, national or international. 
  • Carry a specific message that will allow customers to get to know the company or brand better. 
  • Deploy a specific channel to get its message across.
  • Have a time limit.

How to successfully automate your marketing campaign?

For marketing automation to be successful, it must be based on solid pillars. First and foremost, its targeting must be relevant. Thanks to real-time data collection, this strategy makes it possible to define each visitor or subscriber profile and study their behaviour. In particular, it will target buyers personas through an effective editorial strategy. It should also encourage interactions, improve the rate of conversion of leads into customers and deploy reporting or analysis of results. 

To successfully automate your marketing campaigns, the choice of suitable software is not a detail to be taken lightly. It is this software that will collect the data from prospects and follow up on them. Then, it will be necessary to convert visitors into prospects, transform prospects into customers and build loyalty. 

The benefits of marketing automation

Once you start the process of automating your marketing campaign, and you have already taken care of all the good practices, it will allow you to enjoy many benefits. These include: 

  • This will save a lot of time once all recurring tasks are automated, 
  • More reliable and better qualified data, 
  • Excellent communication and performance of your sales and marketing teams, 
  • Better targeting, 
  • A very good follow-up of your leads' behaviour, 
  • More personalised messages, 
  • The possibility of building customer loyalty more easily. 

Marketing automation: an important tool for inbound marketing

Marketing automation also remains a fundamental tool of inbound marketing. An inbound marketing strategy is essentially developed in 4 different stages. We distinguish between traffic generation, conversion of visitors into leads, conversion of leads into customers and analysis in order to measure performance and return on investment.
Between lead generation and traffic conversion, the marketing team can sometimes get lost in repetitive tasks, as they are indeed time consuming. By automating them, you can not only save time, but also speed up and optimise results. As content is one of the main elements of inbound marketing, it still has to be relevant and of high quality before software solutions can spread it. As soon as the channels are chosen, the automation work can start. Communication should be done where the majority of your prospects are. Nowadays, it is possible to acquire as many prospects as possible on social networks, be it Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn or other. 

Marketing automation: an important tool for converting prospects into customers

In order to convert your prospects into customers more easily, you also need to use marketing automation. This conversion is a very important issue in commercial structures, especially in B-to-B. In order to succeed in this phase of converting prospects into qualified leads, marketing automation will go through different processes. First of all, there is the segmentation of contacts. This strategy will enable content to be directed towards the right target. It is therefore very important to thematise. 

You should also think about strengthening the relationship of trust with your prospects. This can be done by personalising emails and even hyper-personalising them. Providing more information about your brand is essential for engaged leads. Eventually, it will be a matter of waking up sleeping contacts, giving special attention to communication to build customer loyalty, etc. Marketing automation is a powerful tool that allows your sales team to be more efficient in converting prospects into customers. 

My Name Is Bond is an agency that specialises in the management of robots and growth automation. You can call on them to carry out your marketing automation project. Guaranteeing total discretion in its approach, it is capable of helping you to amplify your community, convert your prospects into customers and optimise your growth. 

So, are you joining us?

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